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7/20/10 5:45:21PM
According to 5 Oz. Of Pain, Marc Stevens is (at least to me) the first confirmed contestant on TUF 12. He has a 12-5 career record.

Confirmed/Rumored Fighters:
Marc Stevens (12-5)

I'll update this as more fighters are revealed.

(Posting this in Spoilers Forum since it might be spoilers, feel free to move to UFC Forum though)
7/21/10 1:54:53AM
this should be a pretty decent season. probably some serious fighters gonna show up. TUF is huge for up and comer's
8/3/10 1:57:47PM
The full cast was revealed today:
J.J. Ambrose (12-2)
Paul Barrow (2-0)
Jason Brenton (6-0)
Jonathan Brookins (11-2)
Mike Budnik (8-4)
Alex Caceres (4-2)
Sako Chivitchian (5-0)
Joseph Duffy (7-0)
Pablo Garza (7-0)
Toby Grear (7-4-1)
Dan Head (6-2)
Michael Johnson (8-4)
Amir Khillah (6-4)
Jeff Lentz (6-1)
Sevak Magakian (8-3)
Steve Magdaleno (5-1)
Andy Main (4-1)
Cody McKenzie (10-0)
T.J. O'Brien (13-3)
Spencer Paige (5-2)
Nam Phan (15-7)
Mike Richman (8-0)
Dane Sayers (7-1)
Ariel Sexton (6-3)
Marc Stevens (12-5)
Kyle Watson (13-6-1)
Ran Weathers (13-5)
Aaron Wilkinson (6-3)

"TUF 12" uses a 32-slot, 28-man tournament format. The group was cut in half by an immediate elimination-round of fights, and the remaining 14 fighters comprise the show's official cast. Two of the 14 fighters who lose in the first round get second chances in the tournament's second round as "wild card" picks.

Season premiere is 9/15 on Spike.
8/3/10 2:30:52PM

8/8/10 10:19:24PM
Budnik is the man...Lots of good young talent this season. O'Brien, Lentz, and Sayers are guys to watch
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