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POLL: TUF 14 Coaches?
Dominick Cruz vs Urijah Faber 44% (16)
Miguel Torres vs Urijah Faber 6% (2)
Winner of Edgar/Maynard 3 vs Anthony Pettis 8% (3)
Michael Bisping vs Nate Marquardt 8% (3)
Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans 22% (8)
Wanderlei Silva vs Chris Leben 11% (4)
3/30/11 10:26:17PM
Who do you guys want to see as TUF 14 Coaches for the Bantamweights and Featherweights?

A little soon to ask this, but hey, who cares?

I took my 6 best picks for coaches and put em there.
3/30/11 10:27:07PM
I took Torres vs Faber. I really want to see this match happen.
3/30/11 10:51:02PM
I said Faber vs Cruz because that fight is I think set and I think it would help introduce the lighter weight classes, so dont think it can be Faber vs Torres.

Then Pettis still has to beat Guida.
3/30/11 10:58:48PM
3/30/11 11:08:57PM
I don't think it can be Faber vs. Cruz or Torres.

For the fall seasons of TUF, production usually starts in June. Then, the season airs from September to December. The coaches usually fight around the time of the finale.

Cruz vs. Faber is set for UFC 132, which is July 2. That would put their fight in the middle of taping. Thats too early for them to be the coaches, but not early enough to use the winner and Torres.

Edgar/Maynard would be done in time. Pettis/Guida is June 4. That's cutting it close. Would they want to jump right into the show with no time off?

I think Bisping vs Marquardt would be good. Probably my second choice off the top of my head.

I think Jones vs. Evans would be the most interesting. Would Greg Jackson refuse to be a part of it? Would Winkeljohn most likely be on Jones staff? Who would Evans have? Wittman? Van Arsdale? Would it turn into Team Jackson (sans Jackson) vs. Team Grudge? Two affiliates at war? Would Jones bring in Jackson team members? Would Carwin or Schaub come in for Evans?

I think for them personally and their camps, I think Jones/Evans on TUF would be awful. But for the fans, for UFC, and for Spike, I think its the best option. That is if they could get them to agree to do it.

Because I'm a sadist, I hope its Jones/Evans.
3/31/11 12:14:56AM

But of the available ones, Bones vs Evans would be sick as hell.
3/31/11 4:08:55AM
I want to see Petis cause of the "Ninja Kicks"!!! Let's see him teach him team those bad @$$ moves!!!
3/31/11 9:12:42AM
I'd love to see Torres as a coach. I can only imagine the one-liners we'd hear. The dude is f'ing hilarious.
3/31/11 9:37:41AM
I picked Wandy and Leben.
Wandy cause he's a legend and Leben cause he's a pretty funny dude. Plus that would be a great brawl.
3/31/11 10:38:46AM
As long as it is NOT Bisping, Sonnen, or Mir......I'll be fine.
3/31/11 11:23:35AM
If I remember right Cruz is out until the end of the summer, and there's been a lot of talk by both him and Faber about coaching TUF so I think it's going to be them.
3/31/11 1:01:20PM
I'm not sure who I'd like to see as coaches, but I'm not a fan of the choices here. I guess Cruz vs. Faber would make the most sense, but they already have a fight set for UFC 132.
3/31/11 2:24:18PM
how about sonnen and bisping???
3/31/11 9:50:48PM

Posted by kylev16

how about sonnen and bisping???

That sounds like the best choice to me.
4/1/11 8:46:52AM

Posted by DeadHead988

Posted by kylev16

how about sonnen and bisping???

That sounds like the best choice to me. [/QUOTE

Sonnen is having legal troubles right now, so I didnt put him up there. I like the Marquardt match up better.
4/1/11 8:07:24PM
Damn I didnt even seen Torres's name on there. I'd like to see him coach.
One of my all time best moments of my adult life is when I looked at my coach while I was competing at NAGA and he was sitting their coaching against Torres. I thought to myself "holy ****, its torres". hahaha
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