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6/16/09 7:03:00PM
Courtesy of mmamania, courtesy of spiketv:

Kimbo Slice (3-1): The YouTube phenomenon and former Elite XC headliner
Roy Nelson (13-4): Former IFL champion
Wes Sims (22-12-1): Former UFC fighter
Marcus Jones (4-1): Former NFL player
Matt Mitrione (0-0): Former NFL player
Wes Shivers (N/A): NFL veteran
Jim York (10-2): MMA fighter
Justin Wren (6-1): NFL player/MMA fighter
Mike Wessel (6-1): Former UFC fighter
Scott Junk (6-2-1): Former UFC fighter
Zak Jensen (7-3): MMA fighter
Darrill Schoonover (10-0): MMA fighter
Brendan Schaub (4-0): MMA fighter
Jon Madsen (1-0): MMA fighter
Tom Blackledge (8-6): MMA fighter
Abe Wagner (6-2): MMA fighter

Besides Slice, Nelson, and Sims, as well as the NFL crowd, interesting to see "Big" Jim York in there, a Sengoku vet coming off a KO of James Thompson, and former ufc fighters Mike Wessel and Scott Junk.
6/16/09 8:04:09PM
Wow,i really like this line up.I mean ya, some of them have allready had thier chance.But i like the idea of working your way back into the orginization.Man Scott Junk vs Kimbo,that'd be great.Wes Sims,if he bulked up a little since i last seen him would be cool.Don't get me wrong,i am no Sims fan,but he is not without talent.Maybe Just Maybe,we might be lucky enough to find young true talent,and get lots of KO's.
6/17/09 3:03:43PM
Wow this is a stacked line up really, Nelson and Sims should be the top guys i would think
6/19/09 8:53:01PM
Roy Nelson vs Marcus Jones is my prediction.
6/19/09 8:58:42PM
Riding the dark horse all the way-Brendan Schaub. He could be the next Cain or Carwin.
6/19/09 9:55:27PM

Posted by hippysmacker

Roy Nelson vs Marcus Jones is my prediction.

You stole mine!
6/21/09 10:05:14PM
Just looking at this list i can tell that they are setting Kimbo up to get embarrassed. Id say Roy Nelson will be the one to beat. I hope Kimbo doesn't win.
6/25/09 8:36:40PM
Nelson vs Kimbo in finals

I want Kimbo to win so he can fight a real HW and get smoked.
7/10/09 2:24:48AM
since this is the spoilers forum i feel safe saying that it's out of the bag that kimbo gets humiliated with a 1st round ko and than storms out of the ring
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