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8/8/10 3:49:14PM
Josh Koscheck


J.J Ambrose 14-3

Nam Phan 15-7

Jonathan Brookins 11-3

Cody McKenzie 11-0

Michael Richman 7-0

Joseph Duffy 7-0

T.J O'Brien 14-3

Sako Chivitchyan 5-0

Dane Sayers 7-1

Kyle Watson 12-6-1

Steve Magdaleno 6-2

Sevak Magakian 8-3

Jeffrey Lentz 5-1

Amir Khillah 6-4

Pablo Garza 6-0

Paul Barrow 3-0

Spencer Paige 7-2

Mike Budnik 9-4

Andy Main 4-1

Marc Stevens 12-5

Toby Grear 7-4-1

Jason Brenton 3-0

Alex Caceres 4-2

Daniel Head 6-2

Ariel Sexton 6-2

Michael Johnson 2-4

Ran Weathers 13-7

Aaron Wilkinson 6-3
8/8/10 4:16:47PM
I think this is the most talented group of fighters they have had since TUF 5. The only downside is that many of them should be fighting at 145 or even 135. Normally having light guys isn't a problem for TUF since they will drop a weightclass after they are done. But in this case we are either going to see a bunch of tiny lw fighters taking up UFC card space or we are going to see this case bolt for the WEC.

As far as making a prediction... I kind of like Jonathon Brookins here. He should be fighting at 145, but he showed some uber toughness back in the WEC when he fought Jose Aldo.
8/8/10 5:51:51PM
I feel way different bro! I am not impressed at all....there is no diversity to this group...they are almost all submissions guys. They are almost all small or very skinny....the tall lanky guy isn't always the perfect shape for a fighter...see Corey Hill.

However...maybe, just maybe with all these guys being suited for FW or even BW it's another of the stars aligning for the UFC to absorb the WEC and it's awesome lighter weight classes!!
8/12/10 9:26:04AM
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