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POLL: Which fighter from TUF 5 will have the best career?
Gray Maynard 27% (8)
Nick Diaz 10% (3)
Cory Miller 0% (0)
Joe Lauzon 53% (16)
Manny (forgot his last name) 3% (1)
Corey Hill(if he is in the UFC) 7% (2)
8/2/07 12:03:25AM
With ufc 74 having some TUF5 fighters in the show, how well do you think each other these guys will do in the UFC. I think there was the most pontential in that show since TUF 1. I like almost all these guys but my fav is maynard if he improves on some martial arts instead of wrestling. Joe is a fav too.
8/2/07 12:05:35AM
I chose Gray even though Nate Diaz and Joe Lauzon are good.

Sorry i wrote nick instead of Nate. I obviously ment nate.
8/2/07 12:15:18AM
gray for sure.
corey hill is in the UFC. hill could be a monster but I dont see it happening.

Gray just looked dominate in his first UFC match.
8/2/07 12:23:30AM
Gray was beating Nate on the show to til that submission was put in. I think he will be a title contender if he learns some jujitzu. Corey Hill is not trained enough to make it right now in the UFC. He also is skinny and tall leaving him for easy submission to get caught in on the ground.

Lauzon though has proven hes at a high level by beating Pulver. BJ beats that guy and he gets a title shot, why not lauzon going on to a #1 contender fight?
8/2/07 12:29:17AM
Yeah is gray learns some jitz, he'll be good, already got all star wrestling and his stand up looked pretty good againest emerson.
8/2/07 12:37:12AM
I feel bad for emerson, he had potential but he was put against diaz, hill and now maynard. That screwed his chances in the UFC.
8/2/07 12:37:53AM
I picked Gray... he was dominating in his UFC debut but KO-ed himself.. haha... but yea he will have a good career.. he needs to take boxing.. his wrestling is unbelievable
8/2/07 12:45:02AM
Im surprised no one picked nate diaz. He won the tournament though by manny getting hurt.
8/2/07 12:48:12AM
Joe Lauzon
The man is working with BJ and his ground game is great. He obviously knows what he is doing in the stand up as well as he knocked out Jens but if he can put on some more muscle and keep working on his stand up he definitely has the makings to be champ in a stacked LW division. He is as comfortable on his back as he is from the mount and his GnP is some of the most aggressive I've seen in a long time. He is definitely the cream of the crop in the Season 5 weight class IMO and will be a devastating force to hang with.
8/2/07 2:44:31PM

Posted by Pitbull09

I feel bad for emerson, he had potential but he was put against diaz, hill and now maynard. That screwed his chances in the UFC.

Um, obviously he didn't have potential if he got beat by three different people in a row. Emerson showed like almost no agression during his fights, I'm glad he isn't in the UFC.
8/2/07 3:50:58PM
I voted Joe but I'm a bit bias when it comes to Joe. Was pondering something lately, what if in the semi finals the fights were reversed? Is it just me, or could anyone else see Gray beating Manny with his wrestling and Joe taking Diaz out by ground and pound. Just shows how good all those fighters were this last season, it was probably my favorite season to date.
8/2/07 4:57:54PM
Yea, Gray would own manny in the quater finals. But joe vs nate would be a great match up. Cant believe that one didnt happen
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