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6/10/12 11:52:26PM
I haven't been keeping up with the season and I'd like to study up on some of the fighters before 147. Does anyone know where can I find full episodes? I've tried a couple of places, even UFC.com, but they either don't have full episodes or missing episodes.
6/11/12 12:03:15AM
No idea if the links still work for all episodes but this is where I've been watching it.

6/11/12 12:33:44AM

I'm expecting A LOT of injuries / excuses / crying / fast food - - - this season.

I heard both coaches get hurt, replaced, come back, get hurt again, get replaced once more and FINALLY.....what's his name pulls out AGAIN from a fight...
6/11/12 7:40:48AM

type BRASIL in the search bar they have from episode 4 and up im pretty sure let me know if you find it and if this helped

This season has been absolutely great some really good fights so far
6/11/12 1:33:39PM

is where i've been going. I haven't missed an episode. Some really good talent on the season, i'm interested in who they match-up for the Franklin/Wandy card.
6/11/12 1:35:34PM
Thanks, guys! Just finished the 2nd episode. It's crazy to see how different Brazilians are in social situations.
6/11/12 5:01:25PM
I have been watching it.
A lot better than Cruz vs faber tuf.

I predicted ronny Jason to win it all still keeping that

Middleweight Daniel didn't even make my top 4 on the show. Surprised he made the finals.

Picks are gonna be hard.
6/11/12 7:24:06PM
I had ronny jason winning also

thought that daniel or buddy he jus beat "mr smiles" would win it all
6/13/12 8:43:15AM
I'm bummed Damm got hurt. I thought he had a chance to make it to the finals. I had Damm and Pe de Chumbo, and it doesn't look like either of those will come to fruition.
6/14/12 3:24:31AM
Pirate Bay has them all.
6/15/12 6:26:39AM

Posted by Gogoplatapus

Pirate Bay has them all.

Haha very true.
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