TUF 9: Bisping Definate, Vs Franklin/Hendo

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10/17/08 2:19:45PM
Michael Bisping will be the UK team captain on season 9 of The Ultimate Fighter, UFC president Dana White has confirmed.

Speaking to Fighters Only at the UFC 89 weight-ins earlier, he said that Bisping would be the UK captain regardless of the result against Chris Leben tomorrow night.

“Win, lose or draw, he will coach the British team,” White revealed.

UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, standing nearby interjected: “Although if Bisping walks through Leben like he has his other opponents, that is going to be interesting.”

When then revealed that Bisping’s opposite number on TUF 9 will be either Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson.

“We’re looking for the right fight,” he said, explaining that the chosen coach would have to be a “step up” from Bisping’s previous opponents.

Asked if Henderson and Franklin were the two names on the shortlist, he confirmed: “That is who we are looking at.”

Franklin is a former UFC middleweight champion, while Henderson held both the middleweight and light-heavyweight belts in PRIDE FC.

10/17/08 2:30:04PM
As far as TUF coaches go, I think Ace may have a better TV personality (though I can't say for sure how that would translate since I've never actually watched a single TUF episode). But my question is, what is the payoff for the winner of the fight between coaches?

If the winner gets a shot at the belt, then Hendo is clearly the better choice...Not that it really matters.
10/17/08 2:30:37PM
Franklin would SMOKE Bisping! Worse than he destroyed Hamill even! A year ago I would have said the same for Hendo, but I'm not so sure these days...
10/17/08 2:32:13PM
Hendo is the better choice for a LHW title shot? How do you figure???
10/17/08 2:38:42PM
it was obvious that bisping would be a coach, and i think they made a great choice by letting the winner of hendo and rich be the other. if dan is the coach i could see a lot more fireworks between coaches than if its rich, richs personality doesnt seem to be very confrontational. should be good
10/17/08 2:45:23PM
I think the show would be funnier with Rich and Bisping...They seem like they would be friends and hang out.
10/17/08 2:49:54PM

Posted by CiaoBaby

Hendo is the better choice for a LHW title shot? How do you figure???

Bisping's a MW and so can Hendo be
10/17/08 2:54:01PM
i dont believe franklin would smoke bisping. I see bisping being a bad match up for franklin. If rich plans on staying up at 205, i see hendo being the likely pick to coach the young american fighters.
10/17/08 3:04:36PM
I hope Hendo's the coach...
10/17/08 3:15:18PM

Posted by CiaoBaby

Hendo is the better choice for a LHW title shot? How do you figure???

My guess is the fight is going to be at 185. I'd say there is much more interest in a Hendo/Silva rematch (esp. given the 1st round of the first fight) than there would be in Franklin/Silva III.
10/17/08 3:38:01PM

Either Franklin or Hendo would be a good choice TV and coaching -based. Now, everyone agree that this could be (or is already) a mess. Franklin and Hendo are fighting at 205, if Franklin finish up being the coach, which weight class for Franklin-Bisping? I assume it would be 185 but that Franklin is not staying there since fans are not interested in Silva III. If Bisping loses, would he still get the winner of the other fight? Imagine Bisping losing, Hendo winning then Bisping winning vs. Hendo.... what you do with the MW division then? Okami could get his shot in the middle of the show so he wont be an option that far. Pushing Marquardt or Leites over Bisping and/or Hendo?

NOTE: All the MW division talk I did here could become obsolete if Cote beat Silva (which I don't think will happen).
10/17/08 3:40:58PM
Franklin and Hendo both beat bisping.

But i think TUF 9 will have the lowest ratings, because UK doesnt have the deepest talent pool, and there were rumors of ross pointon being on the show again. yikes.
10/17/08 3:54:16PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

and there were rumors of ross pointon being on the show again. yikes.

Any show with Pointon on, I'll watch. It might be bad, and he might lose, but I'd sit through it to watch him again.
10/17/08 4:34:20PM
I would like to see Hendo, we have already seen Rich. I mean Rich did a good job I just want to see new faces.
10/17/08 5:31:44PM
Franklin has proven to be a good coach. He's got a lot more personality than Hendo. But Bisping vs Franklin... I'll take Bisping. Bisping vs Hendo... I'll take Hendo. Don't know who will win in Hendo vs Franklin.
10/17/08 5:51:59PM
I would like Nate Marquardt to be the coach but between Hendo and Rich I think Hendo is the best choice. Rich needs to stay at 205, he made a great showing in his debut. Hendo has gathered momentum at 185 and his prestige as a fighter/coach is more appealing. He'll bring in Linland and Sokudjou as his assistants. Plus we already saw Rich on season...3-ish.
10/17/08 8:04:43PM
both those guys will kill bisping and you know the fight will happen in vegas not england, no home court for bisping,
10/17/08 11:14:36PM
I'd rather the coach be Hendo just because I've already seen Rich as a coach and I'd like to see Henderson's tehcniqes and special guest coaches. As a kicker, I think Bisping/Henderson would be a more exciting fight than Franklin/Bisping
10/17/08 11:41:27PM
I wanna see hendo in tuf. I think the guy has a good personality. One of my favorite fighters. Plus I feel that not alot of casual MMA fans know about Hendo. I feel hendo deserves more exposure, especially for what he has done.
10/18/08 12:50:33AM
Yeah I don't really get why they would use Rich Franklin as a coach again when he's already been a coach. I thught he actually had one of the funniest moments on TUF when he tried to convince Matt Serra to start the fight on one knee so he couldn't get hit by Shonie Carter.

I'm starting to wonder why they even forced Rich up to LHW because they're trying to match him up with all MW's now! First Dan and then possibly Bisping, what's the deal with that? It's not like it's going to move him up the LHW ladder and he's not going to fight Anderson again.

Hendo is the more interesting option but personally I'd like it to be Nate Marquardt. To me that seems ideal because Nate would bring in former TUF guys from the Jackson camp like Diego Sanchez and Rashad Evans. People love when former TUF champion's make appearances.

10/18/08 1:24:54AM
Why does the fight between the coaches have to be for a #1 contender spot?Why can't it just be for a kick ass fight?I personaly would like to see Bisping against either Hendo or Rich,although I think Bisping would loose (and loose badly) against either.

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