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3/8/12 3:18:01PM
I'm just curious to know if anyone is interested in watching the UFC's attempt to revive a somewhat lackluster show in previous years. I know I'm curious to see how the show goes. There seem to be some pretty interesting headlines that have not been in previous seasons such as having a decent coaching match up for the first time in several seasons, the show moving to FX, and the new live fight format.
3/8/12 3:38:27PM
I watch each TUF season. I am excited for the differences you mentioned, though. I like the idea of the live format. Not to mention this is the second season in a row where they have a decent cast of fighters.
3/8/12 4:27:17PM
i always watch the fights. cant say much about the actual show though
3/8/12 4:35:58PM
Meh...the live aspect is the only *new* thing I'm looking forward to.

I can't say I'm all too stoked for the show overall. I'm basically treating it as a bridge to get me to the next UFC event which is still 40 days away, I believe.

I have a feeling I'll be ready to curb stomp a puppy after about 3 minutes worth of seeing Dominick Cruz's mug and hearing him talk.

3/8/12 6:01:32PM
I'll watch it, always watch every season. After 10 though they all sorta blended together to me.
3/9/12 1:05:48PM
I'll watch, just like every season. I'm curious to see what happens if there's a 30 second KO during the live fights. Will they have taped footage or stay at the UFC training center live and talk to the fighters/coaches/etc.? TBH I haven't really read what the format looks like other than the fights are live, so I don't know exactly what to expect.
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