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11/23/07 7:49:37AM

Posted by Manfred

^It's just they HAVE been the same weight class for every season except 2 (and wasn't one of them a last minute replacement for that one?)

Nope its been since TUF3, tito and ken coached MW's and LHW's, obviously TUF4 didnt have proper coaches but Randy and GSP helped the WW's+MW's

Its just there arent any decent MW rivalries or #1 contenderhip needed so it seems totally pointless in making them MW's for the sake of it

hippysmackers is a great idea for BJ and Sherk, only problem being they start taping mid January and BJ is fighting Daddy then, maybe they could delay the taping but its still not likely what with BJ having done TUF5, oh i dunno anymore

Forrest and Rampage make the most sense i think with them fighting for the title in June (Jardine deserves that spot more but personality dictates in this case)
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