'TUF 14' fighter Johnny Bedford takes UFC on FOX 2 slot against Eddie Wineland

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12/14/11 8:44:49AM
"The Ultimate Fighter 14" semifinalist Johnny Bedford will look to make it 2-0 in official UFC competition.

With Demetrious Johnson scratched from the card so he could compete in the inaugural UFC flyweight tournament in March, Bedford has taken his spot on next month's UFC on FOX 2 card.

Bedford (18-9-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC) takes on fellow bantamweight Eddie Wineland (18-8-1 MMA, 0-2 UFC) on the night's preliminary card.

12/14/11 9:28:43AM
Damn, that's apretty huge step up
12/14/11 9:38:41AM

Posted by airkerma

Damn, that's apretty huge step up

Yeah it is, this time around Bedford might be the one dominated.
12/14/11 10:55:49AM
yup i got Wineland
12/14/11 11:49:41AM
I like this match. Hoping to see Wineland tune this dude
12/14/11 11:51:06AM
I'll be rooting for Bedford to pull off the upset.

12/14/11 12:20:34PM
Damn. I liked Bedford this season and I was hoping to see him pick up a few wins. Wineland is a hard egg to crack if you don't have a solid level of wrestling.
12/14/11 1:31:32PM
Tough fight for Johnny. He looked great at the Finale, so hopefully he only gets better. Winneland is a huge step up in competition for him.
12/16/11 12:57:43PM
Hopefully Wineland wins and doesn't get that 3rd straight loss and get cut, that's what I was afraid of in the matchup of him vs Mighty Mouse.
12/18/11 9:19:25PM
It is a big step up in competition for Bedford for sure. But the upside is huge. Even if he losses its against a real toughguy and he i getting a callup to a PPv card. Got to be a good feeling knowing that Dana and the boys want ya back. I will probably pick Eddie to win. I bet Bedford makes a go of it and has a good showing.
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