'TUF 16' coaches Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson randomly tested by NSAC

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10/19/12 12:10:14AM
The Nevada State Athletic Commission reportedly has selected Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson for out-of-competition testing in advance of their fight at The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale.

MMAWeekly.com first reported the impending test, which was subsequently confirmed to MMAjunkie.com by the fighters' representatives.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission declined comment on the matter.

10/19/12 12:12:22AM
Keeping them on their toes....I like it
10/19/12 11:02:38AM
Bye Bye Shane
10/19/12 11:12:03AM
It would be hilarious of Shane got dinged here. I would say that no one would be dumb enough to get caught given the circumstances, but we all know that's not true (ahem....Overoid....ahem).

To be honest, as a human I'm glad that the testing is getting more strict, but I hate it as a fight fan. I suspect that more and more fights will get canned as a result, robbing us of some great fights we want to see.

I know this is slightly off the drug topic, but is anyone else really intrigued by this fight? I think at this stage in their careers with Carwin's injury concerns they are pretty evenly matched.
10/19/12 5:47:41PM
Fingers crossed that Carwin has been cycling properly haha but seriously this fight is awesome & I can't fuckin wait to see who ends up Ko'd
10/19/12 11:05:26PM
Pssshhh, whatever.....after wasting an hour watching this steaming heap of a mess, they need to be tested for HORRIBLE coaching.

This season of TUF needs a smoking hot infusion of CHAEL.

I've seen better coaching from the Yankee's in the ALCS.
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