'TUF 17' coach Jon Jones: Chael Sonnen doesn't deserve UFC title fight

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11/22/12 4:00:22PM
Five months from now, Chael Sonnen (27-12-1 MMA, 6-5 UFC) will fight for the UFC's light heavyweight title.

He hasn't registered a 205-pound win in the octagon since 2006, and he was soundly defeated by UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in his most recent appearance. So why did UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones (17-1 MMA, 11-1 UFC) agree to coach opposite Sonnen on "The Ultimate Fighter 17" and ultimately face him in the octagon?

"Bones" said it was an easy choice. This is his chance to silence the trashtalking master by beating him down in a cage.

11/22/12 4:12:17PM
Chael doesnt deserve to fight him? i guess jones is king shit on turd island now. i think jones needs to just fight whoever the hell they put in front of him, thats the best way to cement any kind of legacy for himself. chuck liddel was not only a great champion but he was known for fighting anybody and everybody that stood in front of him even if he lost (randy). as champion, jones needs to just keep smashing the competition like he's been doing and i think he has a good chance of being one of the all time greatest. id hate to see his legacy ruined by his mouth
11/22/12 4:31:46PM
keep repeating yourself Jon, but yet you accepted the fight
11/23/12 8:53:36AM
It's almost like politics, how a guy can open his mouth too much, or say the wrong thing at the wrong time, and whammo...he becomes the bad guy.

It's one of things where many people agree, but as soon as JJ says it out loud, he's a jerk for saying it.

The UFC is in that weird space right now where not every fighter thinks like Chuck Liddell, many turn fights down, and many get away with a verbal spank from Dana. And hell, the fans are pretty damn fickle.
11/23/12 9:17:22AM
the thing was Jones had his chance 2 months ago, but claimed he won't let someone talk his way into a fight and wants Chael to earn it....but then he signs up to fight him. Jones said this exact same thing when 151 was cancelled, so why the change of heart? The could have done this TUF gig after this next season, or even postpone it for a couple months and let Chael beat Griffin. If he loved the money being offered for coaching TUF, then make it known that he wants Hendo to take the other coaching spot. It would give him more than enough time to heal, let Chael get a LHW win against a decent opponent and this fight happens in August 2013

so many ways to not sound like a hypocrite
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