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10/23/07 7:10:15PM
In this week's edition of The Tuesday Takedown, we'll break down the happenings at UFC 77, where Rich Franklin goes from here, who's left for Anderson Silva to fight, what Brock Lesnar's signing means to the UFC, and much more. As always, we'll also take a look at the latest news from the world of mixed martial arts!

10/23/07 7:57:33PM
Nice article, however:
I disagree about Rich winning round one...if that round had lasted 2 seconds more it would have ended the fight altogether!
I also think that Stephan Bonnar, Eric Schaffer, Bisping, Thiago Silva and Dan Henderson should all drop to the MW div. The div sadly needs the fighters and none of these guys will go too far in the LHW Div.
I am not too sure that Tim will get past Big Nog, although he is a sure bet against the rest of the HW Div.
Lastly, let me say once again that this was an outstanding article with a lot of funny comments! I agree with everything else that was said especially what he said about Tim's fighting!
10/23/07 11:14:04PM
i got to disagree with the anderson silva can be beat... i dont see it happening right now, if henderson drops to MW, i think it would be a hell of a fight, but i still think anderson can pull it off, and even that, henderson doesnt want to drop MW right now.
other than that, anderson silva got takendown by rich and lutter, but anderson doesnt mind to be on the ground, thats why he lets that to happen, watch all his fights, his great in BJJ and Wrestling, this guy has it all.

Anderson silva is gonna have that belt for a very long time...

and with Tim Sylvia , i dont know.... three time HW champion?
Nogueira is not gonna let that happen.
10/23/07 11:27:11PM
Great report. I too thought Rich was doing well in round 1, maybe not winning. Could a real wrestler even get in with Silva or would be knock him out countering the chute?

Sylvia is boring and Vera is not. Too bad Vera lost, I love that guy and his surfer celebration.
10/24/07 2:42:03AM
He didn't say that Rich won round won, he said that he was winning in the beginning of the round, until Silva turned it up at the end.

If this guy is right, then I have to say, the UFC's recent managing of their MW division is baffling to me. Their (allegedly) letting Yushin Okami go now. Okami might not be the most exciting fighter out there, but he's easily top five in the UFC's division. They're also letting Mayhem Miller go, after having him fight in the WEC, where Paulo Filho has inexplicably been shipped. They have to realize that this division is badly in need of depth right now, and yet quality names are walking right out the door. It's insane.
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