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6/5/08 8:30:51PM
Todays Press conference.

This is event is looking more and more monumental (Here is hoping they can maintain it past 1 or 2 shows)
6/5/08 8:43:51PM
Donald brings many more oppurtunity's for Affliction. He is a smart man and this should be a succesful event. He speaks his mind and seems like a straight shooter. Praising Dana White at this press conference was bold, but again so is the Donald.
6/5/08 9:28:04PM
Ya a month ago I really thought this would be a one trick pony, then it would be out to pasture (even though thinking that brought a tear to my eye after looking at the card they had put together) . But... Man, they seem to be doing everything right, and by getting Trump involved, suddenly the mainstream press is all over this, and if they can get hyped up by EXC's last card, I see much promise ahead for Affliction events and many more cross promotion dream fights.

Cheers to a very exciting time to be an MMA fan, what a crazy couple of months its been/going to be!
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