What is trolling?

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4/14/07 8:16:42PM
I do not generally use boards like this, but have seen the word "trolling" around and even saw that some guy named SICK RICK got kicked off the site for "trolling"

What exactly is "trolling"?

Thanks so very much!

?? < is that trolling?
4/14/07 11:27:16PM
pretty much...............

Posting stupidly, calling people names and shit repeatedly (without reaason), overly senseless posting.

I think its just being a douche in general. SickRick was really pushing it. I didnt know he got banned. Anyone confirm that?

EDIT: NVM. I just read his last post. And it is as follows

HAHAHAH learn how to spell than we will chat about tanner or for your sake tenarer ( i spelled it wrong for you.)

He used to always PM me and say that he was "spicing" up the forums. I saw add spice to crap and you jsut get spiced crap.

I think it takes a lot to get banned from these forums. And SickRick did pretty much everything possible.
Including making a thread to determine the worst Mod on the site.
4/15/07 12:33:55AM

See if you can follow this link. It is where they talk about trolling and sick rick getting kicked off. His camp cannot find their camp.
4/15/07 1:50:24AM
The best example of trolling is someone who follows someone else around on the forums, discrediting or flaming any post they make. Like online stalking if you will.
4/15/07 3:38:59PM
Well, that does not sound like much fun anyway! :)

Thanks for the explanations!
4/15/07 5:26:54PM
Thanks for the info i wasn't entirely sure what it was either