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4/23/08 10:40:47AM

Although the confirmation by DREAM, that Ronaldo Jacaré vs. Frank Trigg was confirmed at the first round of the Middleweight GP of the event, the American says the opposite. "I haven't heard anything from DREAM in about a week and a half. We started talking about a month ago, but lately, there's been no communication. I really haven't even thought about it lately, said him to

The article says too that Trigg neither has a visa to go to Japan and that his wife can be one delay to DREAM plans. “My wife is very pregnant and can't fly. “She'd miss the whole tournament, and that's a big deal for to take a fight without her there by my side", said Frank Trigg.:

little blurb on the upcoming event
and i didn't make the was written like that. so back off haters.
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