UFC Tries To Prove It's Capable Of A Knockout

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11/20/12 2:46:31PM
Pretty interesting article i just read about some of the inner working of the UFC. Well worth a look

Blurb (via Bloody Elbow):

Fast Company, a monthly magazine that examines what's hot and what's next in tech innovations and entrepreneurship, focused on everyone's favorite mixed martial arts organization in a November feature that details their past, present and what the UFC expects to be a prosperous future.

Writer Luke O'Brien interviewed the usual suspects in Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta, rehashing most of the same stories that anyone remotely interested in UFC business has heard 100 times.

Using UFC 148 as a backdrop, O'Brien takes the readers inside the company's planned expansion, their deal with Fox, the issues between White and Jon Jones, the possibility of unionization and more.