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6/28/08 4:26:58AM
Don't understand what I am talking about? I doubt the official term is "triangle situation", but I am referencing what happens when fighter a beats fighter b, fighter b beats fighter c, and fighter c beats fighter a. I am just curious how many situations there are out there where this has happened.

I also wanted to know if you thought that in this situation, all three fighters retain a clean slate (seeing as basically they all won one, and lost one)?

I can only think of two off the top of my head.

Chuck Liddell beat Wanderlei Silva -> Wanderlei Silva beat Keith Jardine -> Keith Jardine beat Chuck Liddell.

and most recently:

Josh Thomson beat Gilbert Melendez -> Gilbert Melendez beat Clay Guida -> Clay Guida beat Josh Thomson.

So does anyone else know of any situations like this, and if so, how many?
6/28/08 4:42:38AM
BJ Penn beat Matt Serra-> Matt Serra beat GSP-> GSP beat BJ Penn
6/28/08 4:43:07AM
chuck > wand > Rampage

Rampage > arona > Wand

Couture > Sylvia > Ricco
6/28/08 4:54:06AM
I thought of some more

Brandon Vera beat Frank Mir->Frank Mir beat Tim Sylvia->Tim Sylvia beat Brandon Vera

Randy Couture beat Tito Ortiz->Tito Ortiz beat Vitor Belfort-> Vitor Belfort beat Randy Couture
6/28/08 9:13:00AM
Sakuraba beat Belfort--> Belfort beat wanderlei--> Wanderlei beat Sakuraba

Sakuraba beat randleman--> Randleman beat Cro Cop--> Cro Cop beat sakuraba

6/28/08 11:52:52AM
Here's one for ya (gee I better not mess this up)

6/28/08 12:20:58PM
^Cheater! using the same guys more than once! J/K

How about a Hexagon?

Jardine beat Forrest
Forrest beat Shogun
Shogun beat Rampage
Rampage beat Chuck
Chuck beat Wandy
Wandy beat Jardine

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