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7/24/07 12:58:25AM
I start traing bjj at the begining of next month but i was wondering if muay thai was any better then just normal kick boxing?
7/24/07 8:02:13AM
For a beginner having a good gym with a good trainer and good training/sparring partners is more important than the style. Much of what you learn is how to train like a fighter and build the appropriate endurance (cardio and muscular), flexibility, balance and timing that is necessary in any striking sport. There is no such thing as wasted time or a wasted style if you are starting out and training at a good gym. After a couple of years, when you are in shape and know the basics, you can decide whether you want to modfiy your training style because you feel like competing under one set of rules or another.

Kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, judo, BJJ...all have world-class athletes who have life and death struggles training and competing against other great athletes. That isn't just the domain of MMA, so keep in mind that you might end up enjoying the competition and training in one of those enough that that becomes "your sport".
7/24/07 6:09:22PM
Kickboxing is slightly different, but it really depends on the trainer and what kind of person you are. Many kickboxers have been successful in MMA as well as Muay Thai fighters. I cannot stress enough...do what you enjoy most. You will find that you are better in what you have interest in.
7/25/07 3:58:07AM
yer fullerene and Lethal r rite even if u got techniques down its mainly ur physical condition that u should focus on
but techniques r still important obviosly
7/25/07 4:03:23AM
lol sorry wot i meant was wen u start training rememba to build up ur physical strength and endurance.

and i think that kick boxing doesnt use low kicks as in Muay Thai