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4/25/13 2:20:15PM
We could wait until after UFC 159 and I would redo the rankings to change up the rosters a bit and reduce the predictability.
4/25/13 2:28:01PM
I'd like to have bigger divisions. And with Rabi gone we could find a couple of replacements?

This is a great game btw
4/25/13 2:31:50PM
I think more fighters to start would be pretty helpful, even more so if he had more players.

pm anyone you think would play and we can try to drum up some interest.
4/25/13 4:08:04PM
Let's replace Rabi with one other person. The game has been perfect so far, and I subscribe to the idea of not fixing what ain't broke. I hate games w too many players, ppl get spread too thinly,
4/25/13 4:11:02PM
I may be interested. Can someone email details to me?

Depending on how in depth it is, I may be down to play.
4/25/13 6:17:47PM
I agree, I think this game is awesome so far and doesn't need to be changed
4/25/13 6:19:23PM

Posted by danclarke1992

I agree, I think this game is awesome so far and doesn't need to be changed

4/25/13 6:24:56PM
I pm'd fleek. Waiting on response.
4/25/13 6:54:33PM
im along for the ride guys.

whatever decision is made works for me
4/25/13 7:05:43PM
Emfleek decided not to take the position based on the fact that its a pretty in depth game and he only accesses the PG by phone for the most part.

The hunt is on for a replacement. I PM'd Bubbles, ShaneTPain, and Playground_Samurai but haven't heard back. I also contacted Budgellism but he has his hands full taking over other things for Rabi.....
4/25/13 9:54:40PM
I guess if we don't get another player we could cancel the current card and go straight to a draft for Rabi's fighters and then back to the card and continue on?
4/25/13 11:14:44PM

Posted by trevail

I guess if we don't get another player we could cancel the current card and go straight to a draft for Rabi's fighters and then back to the card and continue on?

Let's do this tbh. I don't wanna wait and I think we all have the hang of it.
4/26/13 12:49:38AM
We will draft Rabi's roster with the following stipulations in order to get it done ASAP:

- maximum 10 bids each
- Cannot spend more than $150k

(please realise that if you all do ten bids of $15k then there will be a ton of ties and it will take forever)

Here is his roster:
(HW) Rich Hale
(LHW) Jimi Manuwa
(LHW) Stephan Bonnar
(MW) Rousimar Palhares
(MW) Tom Watson
(MW) Doug Marshall
(WW) Brian Ebersole
(WW) Douglas Lima
(LW) Sam Stout
(LW) Jamie Varner
(FW) Hacran Dias
(FW) Eddie Yagin
(BW) Mike Easton
(BW) Roland Delorme
(FLY) Sergio Pettis

You can PM me whenever you are ready
4/26/13 11:36:23AM
Just waiting to hear from Poor Franklin and then we will rolling along again...
4/26/13 2:50:11PM
(HW) Rich Hale
(LHW) Jimi Manuwa - PF - 87k
(LHW) Stephan Bonnar -jjeans - 37k
(MW) Rousimar Palhares - jjeans - 37k
(MW) Tom Watson - jjeans -37k
(MW) Doug Marshall
(WW) Brian Ebersole - Jake - 16k
(WW) Douglas Lima - Jake - 1k
(LW) Sam Stout - Jake - 10k
(LW) Jamie Varner - Jake - 10k
(FW) Hacran Dias
(FW) Eddie Yagin
(BW) Mike Easton -Dan - 20k
(BW) Roland Delorme - PF - 7k
(FLY) Sergio Pettis - Jake - 1k

Sorry about the formatting, did it on my phone.

PM if you want anyone else, can't bid more than $150k again.
4/26/13 2:52:39PM
lol i'd love to know the next closest bid for Manuwa, just to find out how much i overpaid
4/26/13 2:54:44PM
45k and everyone wanted him
4/26/13 2:58:23PM
damn that's a lot of money i couldve saved
4/26/13 3:34:16PM
All good thanks so done!
4/26/13 4:26:43PM
I'm also finished bidding on Rays guys
4/26/13 4:46:09PM
wait so we're re-doing the bids on this card

Round 1: Card 3

Main Event: LHW ($60k/$60k)
Co-Main: HW ($48k/$48k)
PPV Slot A: MW ($36k/$36k)
PPV Slot B: WW ($36k/$36k)
PPV Opener: BW ($30k/$30k)
Prelim Feature: MW ($18k/$18k)
TV Prelim A: WW ($12k/$12k)
TV Prelim B: FLY ($12k/$12k)
TV Prelim C: BW ($12k/$12k)
FB Prelim: FW ($6k/$6k)

4/26/13 5:04:34PM
Thats what I did jake
4/26/13 5:18:12PM
Yeah starting fresh since rosters have changed.
4/26/13 6:40:06PM
everyone is done bidding on Ray's guys....

Slot Bids:
PF - done
Jake - done (saving "Extra Bid" bonus)
jjeans - pending...
Dan - done
4/26/13 6:53:01PM
Check out the first post for updated rosters and bankrolls
4/27/13 1:14:54PM
Just waiting on jjeans......

Everyone PM him threats and hateful comments until he responds

4/27/13 3:08:16PM
I think it is his birthday, so we'll let him slide.

Happy Fight Day Everyone!
4/28/13 7:07:26PM
As soon as I hear back from Jake we should have a finalized card.
4/28/13 7:48:07PM
Round 1: Card 3

Main Event: LHW ($60k/$60k) - (PF) Jimi Manuwa (-58k) v (jjeans) Thiago Silva (-48k)
Co-Main: HW ($48k/$48k) - (PF) Matt Mitrione (-40k) v (Dan) Todd Duffee (-36k)
PPV Slot A: MW ($36k/$36k) - (jjeans) Rousimar Palhares (-24k) v (Dan) Francis Carmont (-24k)
PPV Slot B: WW ($36k/$36k) - (jjeans) Rick Story (-36k) v (Jake) Siyar Bahadurzada (-22k)
PPV Opener: BW ($30k/$30k) - (PF) TJ Dillashaw (-22k) v (Dan) Ivan Manjivar (-20k)
Prelim Feature: MW ($18k/$18k) - (Dan) Uriah Hall (-12k) v (Jake) Chris Camozzi (-11k)
TV Prelim A: WW ($12k/$12k) - (jjeans) Erick Silva (-10k) v (Jake) Brian Ebersole (-9k)
TV Prelim B: FLY ($12k/$12k) - (PF) Chris Cariaso (-8k) v (Dan) Jussier Da Silva (-6k)
TV Prelim C: BW ($12k/$12k) - (PF) Roland Delorme (-8k) v (Jake) Alex Caceres (-11k)
FB Prelim: FW ($6k/$6k) - (PF) Dustin Poirier (-8k) v (Jake) Mike T. Brown (-5k)

Fighters on Card:
Dan: 5
Jake: 5
jjeans: 4
PF: 6

I will be the deciding vote now that we have an even number of players....
4/29/13 3:25:41PM
Ahh ffs
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