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7/24/13 12:48:52PM

Main Event: ($140k/$140k) LW - *Fighters cannot have more losses than wins (0-0 is accepted)
Co-Main Event: ($112k/$112k) WW - *Fighters cannot have more losses than wins (0-0 is accepted)
PPV Slot A: ($84k/$84k) MW -
PPV Slot B: ($84k/$84k) FLY -
PPV Slot C: ($84k/$84k) BW -
PPV Opener: ($70k/$70k) HW -
Prelim Feature: ($56k/$56k) LHW -
Grudge Match: ($126k) FW - *Winner takes all (equal to $42k to show x2, and $42k to win)
TV Prelim A: ($42k/$42k) MW -
TV Prelim B: ($42k/$42k) FW -
TV Prelim C: ($42k/$42k) LHW -
FB Prelim A: ($28k/$28k) LW - *Fighters must have MORE LOSSES than wins (0-0 is not allowed)
FB Prelim B: ($28k/$28k) BW - *Fighters must have MORE LOSSES than wins (0-0 is not allowed)

7/26/13 6:50:04PM
Sorry everyone but with the loss of another player and taking everyone's opinions into account, I have decided to call an end to this round of the game.

Jjeans has officially won this season! So congrats to him for leading through the majority of the game.

I will be posting the rules for the new and improved version of the game within the next day or so. I hope you will all play again and also recommend the game to any other players who might be interested.

Thanks for playing!
7/28/13 9:46:43AM

As happy as I am that I won I am a bit disappointed in the way it ended.

It's like losing the first 2 rounds. Cutting the opponent in the third. Starting to make a comeback in the third round. Having a close fourth round. Then the cut finishes the fight and there being no fifth and final round.

I hadn't really won, I take the W and become the first champion but my belt is far from secure.

Either way, a big thanks for everyone for playing! Thanks trevail for running it, great game
7/29/13 2:23:16PM
It was an awesome game, thanks for doing it. It was disappointing how it ended but i still had fun and congrats to jay
7/29/13 2:27:49PM
Sorry guys, the next round is coming ASAP!

I'm struggling to stay connected on my inlaws wifi so I don't wanna post the new game until I know I can access it to manage it...

Perhaps later today...
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