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4/3/13 6:34:01PM
I have been inspired by Rabi's many draft style side games and decided to take a swing at it (with Rabi's blessing and help). The game will feature 6 (to 10) players and plays out similarly to Rabi's "Draft Project" side games with a little twist. I will run the game but not compete. More information will be available as we get going.

There are 3 main rounds in the game, each round 10 new fighters per weightclass will be introduced, flyweight will be introduced in groups of 6 and will not be heavily featured until later in the game. Players will proceed to bid on the fighters (10 in the first round of bids, then 9, then 8 and so on) with the highest bidder landing the chosen fighter. Players can stop bidding as soon as they are satisfied with their rosters. There will be maximums placed on total bid amounts per round. (I took the top 30 from fight matrix and replaced lesser know fighters with more relevant fighters)

Round 1 will consist of 5 cards of 11 fights each. The card will consist of predetermined fights in specific weightclasses. Players will submit a list of 5 fighters and the slot that they hope to fill on the card as well as a bid (bribe) for the slot if they think there will be competition for that spot. The two highest bidders will land the 2 slots in that respective fight. Additional rounds of bribes will continue until all slots are filled. The higher profile the slot is the better the payout will be. Both fighters will be paid the posted "show" money with the winner doubling up with a win bonus. Every player starts with $300k and will need to acquire fighters and slots with this money.

Here is an example:

Card 1 (slots will always pay based on the same percentage of what the main event pays, shown in brackets below)
Main Event - HW Matchup - $50k to show
Co-Main - LHW Matchup - $40k to show (80%)
PPV Slot 3 - MW Matchup - $30k to show (60%)
PPV Slot 2 - WW Matchup - $30k to show (60%)
PPV Opener - LW Matchup - $25k to show (50%)
etc, etc, etc

Example Bids:
MainEvent - Pat Barry w/ $11k Bribe
PPV Slot 3 - Jacare Souza w/$6k Bribe
etc, etc....

If my "bribe" was one of the top two I would then land my fighter a slot in the fight, obviously you wouldnt know who your fighter would be up against and you must try to leverage your bribe vs the possible payout since making the most profit is the aim of the game.

Fighter Rules:
-Fighters may only fight in the division they are introduced in (no weightclass changes)
-Fighters are cut from the game after 3 consecutive losses including if you get bounced from a GP (therefore taking a lower profile fight might be good after a loss)
-Fighters must rest for 2 events before returning in rounds 2 and 3, and rest for 1 card in the first round. (So in Rd2 if you fight on card #1, you may return on card #4)
-As the game progresses fights slots may have stipulations such as "fighter must be on 2 fight win streak" for a main event slot or "fighter must be coming off a loss" for a loser leaves town prelim. In the final round entire cards may have themes such as "Brazil v USA"
-I will attempt to keep the possible money won for each weightclass as even as possible in each round.

After the card is filled, all players will vote on every fight even if their fighter is fighting and once I determine the results we will then vote on FOTN, KOTN and SOTN which will be worth 60% of the main event show money. In the first round we would complete all 5 cards like this, before introducing the next batch of fighters. Round 2 will be 9 cards and round 3 will consist of 13 cards.

Grand Prix Tourneys
In addition to the previously mentioned cards, rounds 1 and 2 will include 2 randomly chosen 8 man tournaments and round 3 will house 3 tourneys. This will make for one tournament for each weightclass (HW, LHW, MW, WW, LW, FW and BW) with the exception of flyweight.
Payouts for tourneys will be based of the previous cards main event show money. You will make 100% of the amount for winning an opening round fight, 200% the amount for winning a semi-final and 400% for winning the GP title. (example: if the previous main event paid $50k to show and you won the entire tourney then your three payout would be $50k, $100k for semis and $200k for winning the final for a $350k payday) Slots will be randomly chosen and I will explain this process later. If we have 10 players then slots will be bid on with the two lowest bidders missing out on the tourney but landing a prelim fight (like an injury replacement match)
Fighters that compete in a GP will be benched for 1 card for every round of the tournament that they fight in. So, that's a three card rest for a fighter in the final and only one card if you don't make it past the first round.

Current UFC Champs are not eligible to enter tournaments, my hope is that this keeps the tourneys more interesting and on a level playing field. (Let's face it Anderson Silva wins every MW tourney ever, period.)
Aside from the payday, the winning fighters manager will also be given the choice of 2-3 additional bonuses (ranging from getting a fighter that otherwise would not be in the game like Couture or Hughes, a teammate being guaranteed a slot on the next card, getting to play match maker for a highly contested spot on a future card or whatever else I can dream up)

ALL VOTING AND BIDDING WILL BE HELD TO A STRICT 48 HOUR TIME LIMIT. However, everyone will get one free pass for going over or if you get it in before I am able to do an update you will go unpenalized. Missing the time limit results in missing that round of bidding or voting but will not result in a monetary penalty of any kind. Any stat holiday will double the time limit and I will be open to any discussions anyone wants to have regarding postponements or wanting to send in your info ahead of time. We can make this easy and fast paced.

Let me know if you're in and if you have any questions post them here rather than PM'ing them since the info could help others. This is new to me but I have attempted to eliminate any holes in the game before posting this.



JJEANS: $4,221.5K + $534K = $4,755.5K (6W-2L)
PF: $4,243K + $83K = $4,326K (2W-2L)
JAKE: $3,896.5K + 63.5K = $3,960K (2W-8L)
DAN: $3,632.5K + $179K = $3,811.5K (3W-1L)


(HW) Todd Duffee (4-2) REST 1
(HW) Lavar Johnson (1-2)
(HW) Roy Nelson (4-1)
(HW) Stefan Struve (2-2)
(LHW) Alexander Gustafsson (1-0)
(LHW) Rafael Cavalcante (0-2)
(LHW) Glover Teixeira
(MW) Ronaldo Souza (1-0)
(MW) Alexander Shlemenko (0-1)
(MW) Alan Belcher (1-0)
(MW) Tim Kennedy (1-1)
(MW) Roger Gracie (1-1)
(MW) Francis Carmont (3-1)
(MW) Ronny Markes
(MW) Uriah Hall (2-4) *CUT*
(WW) Jake Ellenberger (2-0) REST 1
(WW) Demian Maia (0-1)
(WW) Dong Hyun Kim (0-2)
(WW) Jordan Mein (0-1)
(WW) John Hathaway (1-0)
(WW) Matt Brown (1-2)
(LW) Michael Chandler (1-0) REST 1
(LW) TJ Grant (1-1) REST 2
(LW) Joe Lauzon (2-1)
(LW) Ross Pearson (2-2)
(LW) Danny Castillo (0-2)
(LW) Bobby Green (0-2)
(FW) Frankie Edgar (1-0)
(FW) Dennis Siver
(FW) Darren Elkins (2-1) REST 1
(FW) Chad Mendes (3-1)
(FW) Chan Sung Jung (3-0)
(FW) Charles Oliviera (2-2)
**(FW)** Erik Koch (5-0)
(BW) Iuri Alcantara (1-0) REST 2
(BW) Eddie Wineland (1-1) REST 2
(BW) Raphael Assuncao (0-1) REST 1
(BW) Brian Bowles (0-1)
(BW) Johnny Bedford
(BW) Bryan Caraway (0-2)
(BW) Francisco Rivera (2-3) *CUT*
(BW) Ivan Menjivar (2-2)
(BW) Mike Easton (2-1)
(FLY) John Dodson (1-1) REST 2
(FLY) Tim Elliott (0-2)
(FLY) Phil Harris
(FLY) Jussier Da Silva (7-0)
(FLY) Louis Gaudinot (1-2)

(HW) Ben Rothwell (1-2) REST 1
(HW) Big Nog (1-1)
(HW) Frank Mir (1-1)
(HW) Mark Hunt (1-2)
(HW) Alistair Overeem (0-2)
(HW) Mike Russow (0-2)
(HW) Alexander Volkov (0-2) REST 2
(HW) Cheick Kongo (0-3) *CUT*
(HW) Sergei Kharitonov (1-2) REST 1
(HW/LHW) Daniel Cormier
(LHW) Forrest Griffin
(LHW) Lil Nog (1-1) REST 2
(LHW) Ryan Bader
(LHW) Rashad Evans (0-2) REST 2
(LHW) Dan Henderson (1-1) REST 1
(LHW) Ryan Jimmo (0-2)
(LHW) Brandon Vera (1-3) *CUT*
(LHW) Vlad Matyushenko (0-2)
(LHW) Matt Hamill (0-2)
(LHW/MW) Gegard Mousasi (4-1)
(MW) Mamed Khalidov
(MW) Luke Rockhold (0-1)
(MW) Hector Lombard (1-0) REST 1
(MW) Chael Sonnen (1-1) REST 1
(MW) Chris Weidman
(MW) Brian Stann (1-2) REST 2
(MW) Tim Boetsch (5-1)
(MW) Cung Le (2-1)
(MW) Chris Leben (0-3) *CUT*
(MW) Chris Camozzi (0-2)
(WW) Ben Askren (1-0)
(WW) Carlos Condit (0-1)
(WW) Tyron Woodley (0-3) *CUT*
(WW) Mike Pierce (0-3) *CUT*
(WW) Nate Marquardt (4-3) REST 2
(WW) Jay Hieron (0-1)
(WW) Paul Daley (2-1)
(WW) Siyar Bahadurzada (2-2)
(WW) Brian Ebersole (0-2)
(WW) Douglas Lima
(WW/LW) BJ Penn^ (7-0) REST 2
(LW) Nate Diaz (0-1) REST 1
(LW) Jim Miller (2-1)
(LW) Pat Healy (2-1) REST 2
(LW) Donald Cerrone (2-0)
(LW) Sam Stout (0-2)
(LW) Jamie Varner (2-1)
(LW) Melvin Guillard (3-1)
(LW) Takanori Gomi (0-3) *CUT*
(FW) Tatsuya Kawajiri (0-2) REST 1
(FW) Daniel Straus
(FW) Manny Gamburyan
(FW) Rani Yahya (0-1)
(FW) Hatsu Hioki (2-1) REST 1
(FW) Conor McGregor (0-2)
(FW) Mike Brown (3-2)
(BW) Marlon Moraes (1-1) REST 2
(BW) Bibiano Fernandes (2-0) REST 1
(BW) Yves Jabouin (1-1) REST 2
(BW) George Roop (0-1)
(BW) Joe Warren
(BW) Zach Makovsky
(BW) Hugo Viana (0-1)
(BW) Alex Caceres (1-2)
(FLY) Joshua Sampo (0-1) REST 2
(FLY) Antonio Banuelos (1-1)
(FLY) Will Campuzano (0-2)
(FLY) John Lineker (2-0)
(FLY) Alexis Vila (0-2)
(FLY) Sergio Pettis (0-2) REST 1

(HW) Pat Barry (2-3)
(HW) Gabriel Gonzaga (0-3) *CUT*
(HW) Shane Carwin (3-2) REST 2
(HW) Fabricio Werdum (1-1)
(LHW) Quinton Jackson (1-1)
(LHW) Anthony Johnson (2-1)
(LHW) Phil Davis (4-1) REST 1
(LHW) Wanderlei Silva (1-1)
(LHW) Vinny Magalhaes (1-0)
(LHW) Thiago Silva (6-1) REST 2
(LHW) Stephan Bonnar
(LHW/MW) Lyoto Machida (2-0) REST 2
(MW) Vitor Belfort
(MW) Costa Philippou (0-1) REST 1
(MW) Micheal Bisping (6-1) REST 2
(MW) Jake Shields (1-3) REST 1
(MW) Rousimar Palhares (0-2)
(MW) Tom Watson (2-1)
(WW) Robbie Lawler (0-2) REST 2
(WW) Rory McDonald (1-0)
(WW) Tarec Saffiedine (4-2) REST 1
(WW) Jon Fitch (4-0) REST 2
(WW) Rick Story (1-1)
(WW) Erick Silva (6-1)
(LW) Gilbert Melendez (1-0)
(LW) Khabib Nurmagomedov (1-2) REST 2
(LW) Shinya Aoki (2-2)
(LW) Josh Thompson (2-2) REST 1
(LW) Gleison Tibau (1-2)
(LW) Myles Jury (1-2)
(FW) Clay Guida (0-1)
(FW) Ricardo Lamas (1-0)
(FW) Cub Swanson (1-0) REST 2
(FW) Nik Lentz (0-1)
(FW) Kenny Florian (3-2) REST 1
(FW) Akira Corassani (0-1)
(FW) Diego Brandao (2-2)
(FW) Diego Nunes (1-1)
(BW) Takeya Mizugaki (2-2)
(BW) Mitch Gagnon (0-1)
(FLY) John Moraga (0-1)

(HW) Matt Mitrione (5-1) REST 1
(HW) Antonio Silva (1-1) REST 2
(HW) Junior Dos Santos (1-0)
(HW) Josh Barnett (2-0)
(HW) Jeff Monson (1-0)
(HW) Shawn Jordan
**(HW)** Travis Browne (4-0) REST 1
(HW) Stipe Miocic (2-2) REST 2
(HW) Andrei Arlovski (0-1)
(LHW) Shogun Rua (0-1)
(LHW) Attila Vegh
(LHW) Thales Leites (0-1)
(LHW) James Te Huna (1-1)
(LHW) Jimi Manuwa (4-1)
(LHW) Muhammed Lawal (1-2)
(MW) Yushin Okami (0-1)
(MW) Mark Munoz (1-2)
(MW) Rich Franklin (1-2)
(MW) Lorenz Larkin (0-1)
(MW) Derek Brunson (1-1)
(WW) Martin Kampmann (1-0)
(WW) Johnny Hendricks (1-0)
(WW) Nick Diaz (1-1) REST 2
(WW) Mike Pyle (0-1)
(WW) Josh Koscheck (2-3)
(WW) Gunnar Nelson (1-1)
(WW) Josh Burkmann (0-2)
(LW) Diego Sanchez
(LW) Eddie Alvarez (1-0)
(LW) Rafael Dos Anjos
(LW) Gray Maynard (0-1)
(LW) Anthony Pettis (1-0)
(LW) Jorge Masvidal
(LW) Evan Dunham (0-3) *CUT*
(LW) Edson Barbosa (2-2)
(LW) Matt Wiman (1-0)
(LW) Anthony Njokuani (0-1)
(LW) Mark Bocek
(FW) Pat Curran (1-1) REST 2
(FW) Frodo Khasbulaev
(FW) Patricio Freire (0-1)
(FW) Dustin Poirier (4-3)
(FW) Shab Shamhalaev (1-2)
(FW) Bart Palaszewski (0-2)
(FW) Robbie Peralta
(FW) Max Holloway (0-2)
(BW) Marcos Galvao
(BW) Eduardo Dantas
(BW) Urijah Faber (2-0) REST 1
(BW) Micheal McDonald (0-1)
(BW) Erik Perez (0-1)
(BW) Brad Pickett (3-1)
(BW) Scott Jorgenson (3-1) REST 1
(BW) Miguel Torres (0-3) *CUT*
(BW) Johnny Eduardo (0-2)
(BW) TJ Dillashaw (5-0)
(BW) Roland Delorme (0-1)
(FLY) Ian McCall (1-0)
(FLY) Joe Benavidez (2-0) REST 1
(FLY) Darren Uyenoyama (0-1)
(FLY) Chris Cariaso (3-3)
4/3/13 6:46:40PM
Count me in please.
4/3/13 7:07:26PM
im subscribing & will inquire about this game after i get off work tonight or tomorrow when i get up.

i was only able to read over it once before i went into work, but i cant seem to wrap my head around everything at the moment. dont count me in right now, but dont count me out either.
4/4/13 3:59:49AM

Posted by Poor_Franklin

im subscribing & will inquire about this game after i get off work tonight or tomorrow when i get up.

i was only able to read over it once before i went into work, but i cant seem to wrap my head around everything at the moment. dont count me in right now, but dont count me out either.

I'm gonna need to ask questions as well so although PF's reply isn't helpful to you at all. I'm in the same boat. Although I'm off to Ireland and won't be back till Monday so you can drop me out if that's too late etc
4/4/13 11:00:01AM
This is a little disheartening, I definitely hoped for more interest. At this rate jjeans we probably wouldn't be starting until Monday at the earliest anyways. Feel free to post your questions and we will get it all nailed down.
4/4/13 12:08:24PM
Sounds like an interesting game, count me in, I've only had a brief read through of the rules but I will have a more in depth read tomorrow when I have more time
4/4/13 4:29:34PM
im def in.
4/4/13 4:40:32PM

Posted by trevail

I definitely hoped for more interest.

you gotta remember, a lot of guys are already in a few games & might not be able to handle the work load of an extra game. if i was in school this semester, i would have had to pass.

PM guys in other games or maybe even post the link in other games just to see if it'll pick up an extra person or 2.
4/5/13 8:27:12AM
I'll take a better look into it later today but from glancing at it, I'm in
4/5/13 8:37:05AM
I'm in but not around till Monday so ill be in then.

4/5/13 9:31:10AM
Ok we have 4 players which I could scale the game down to if necessary, but I think we will wait until after this weekends OneFC and UFC events. I'll revamp rankings based on these events and hopefully we can land 4-6 more players by then.
4/5/13 3:44:35PM

Posted by trevail

Ok we have 4 players which I could scale the game down to if necessary, but I think we will wait until after this weekends OneFC and UFC events. I'll revamp rankings based on these events and hopefully we can land 4-6 more players by then.

sounds good!
4/5/13 8:27:36PM

I'm in
4/6/13 8:54:27PM
Just a heads up, I made a few changes to the rules post regarding:

-Layoffs after a GP are representative of how far you make it in the tourney (I card layoff for every fight you enter in the GP)
-A fighter must now lose 3 fights in a row to be eliminated from the game (GP fights included)

We have 6 players now, hopefully a couple more before we start
4/7/13 7:26:38PM
I have an exam on Wednesday so I won't be around much until thats over.
4/7/13 8:02:12PM
I'll post all the fighters available in the first round pretty soon and we will leave the initial bidding process open until late Wednesday night if necessary.

All the fighters are well known so it should be a relatively easy process.
4/7/13 8:21:42PM
Here are the lists of fighters available in the first round for each weight class. The number of fights and possible money earned is relatively balanced between all classes except flyweight. There will be two Grand Prix tournaments in this round however you won't know what weight class they will be until they are about to happen.

Similar to Rabi's drafts, the next step is for you to PM me with a list of 10 fighters you want along with how much you are willing to pay to add them to your camp. As usual the highest bid wins. You dont need to worry about paying wages in this game but you still need to bid for the slots on the first fight card so spend accordingly.

Starting payrolls are $300k and the minimum bid for fighters (and slots) is $1k. The maximum total for your ten bids this round of bidding is $100k so spend accordingly.

Jeff Monson
Ben Rothwell
Shawn Jordan
Richard Hale
Todd Duffee
Matt Mitrione
Ryan Martinez
Mike Russow
Lavar Johnson
Pat Barry

Matt Hamill
Muhammed Lawal
Ryan Jimmo
Jimi Manuwa
Renato Sobral
Vinny Magalhaes
Trevor Prangley
Brandon Vera
Ilir Latifi
Vladimir Matyushenko

Lorenz Larkin
Jake Shields
Ronny Markes
Derek Brunson
Rousimar Palhares
Tom Watson
Francis Carmont
Doug Marshall
Chris Camozzi
Chris Leben

BJ Penn
Douglas Lima
Brian Ebersole
Josh Burkman
Siyar Bahadurzada
Rick Story
Jay Hieron
John Hathaway
Paul Daley
Erick Silva

Gleison Tibau
Matt Wiman
Myles Jury
Ross Pearson
Bobby Green
Mark Bocek
Takanori Gomi
Danny Castillo
Jamie Varner
Melvin Guillard

Hacran Dias
Akira Corassani
Mike Brown
Shahbulat Shamhalaev
Dustin Poirier
Robbie Peralta
Bart Palaszewski
Eddie Yagin
Charles Oliveira
Diego Brandao

TJ Dillashaw
Alex Caceres
Mike Easton
Francisco Rivera
Ed West
Hugo Viana
Roland Delorme
Mitch Gagnon
Johnny Eduardo
Ivan Menjivar

Jussier Da Silva
Chris Cariaso
Louis Gaudinot
Sergio Pettis
Yasuhiro Urushitani
Phil Harris
4/7/13 8:28:32PM
The bidding is open until Wednesday night (PM me if this is an issue) and new players can join by simply PM'ing me their bids
4/9/13 12:27:59AM
Bidding Round 1-1:

Rabi - Completed
PoorFranklin - Completed
Bubbles - to be completed Wednesday night.
JakeWalters - Completed
jjeans - Completed
DanClarke - Completed
4/11/13 6:36:59AM
Come on now Bubbles
4/11/13 6:44:53AM
Im waiting on Bubbles for my 3 games as well, we got a message via sparky saying he is having internet problems.
4/11/13 8:13:20AM
If he doesnt have it sorted out by the time u do an update later tonight then he will get a slightly higher bidding maximum in the next round of bids in order to try and catch back up.
4/11/13 9:28:20PM

Todd Duffee - DanClarke 5k, JakeWalters 2k
Matt Mitrione - PoorFrank 11k, Rabi 10k
Lavar Johnson - DanClarke 7k
Pat Barry - jjeans 6k

Muhammed Lawal - PoorFrank 11k
Jimi Manuwa - Rabi 10k, PoorFrank 8k
Vinny Magalhaes -jjeans 6k, JakeWalters 5k, DanClarke 3k

Lorenz Larkin - PoorFrank 6k
Jake Shields - jjeans 12k
Rousimar Palhares - Rabi 10k
Tom Watson - Rabi 10k
Francis Carmont - DanClarke 2k
Chris Leben - JakeWalters 11k

BJ Penn - JakeWalters 51k, DanClarke 35k, Rabi 10k
Douglas Lima - Rabi 10k
Siyar Bahadurzada - JakeWalters 15k, DanClarke 11k
Rick Story - jjeans 11k
Erick Silva - jjeans 15k, PoorFrank 11k, Rabi 10k, JakeWalters 1k

Gleison Tibau - jjeans 1k
Matt Wiman - PoorFrank 11k
Myles Jury - jjeans 1k
Ross Pearson - DanClarke 9k, JakeWalters 4k
Danny Castillo - DanClarke 8k
Melvin Guillard - JakeWalters 3k

Akira Corassani - jjeans 1k
Dustin Poirier - PoorFrank 11k
Charles Oliveira - DanClarke 8k, JakeWalters 5k
Diego Brandao - jjeans 10k

TJ Dillashaw - PoorFrank 11k, Rabi 10k, jjeans 5k
Alex Caceres - JakeWalters 3k
Mike Easton - Rabi 10k
Francisco Rivera - DanClarke 10k, PoorFrank 6k

Chris Cariaso - PoorFrank 8k
Sergio Pettis - Rabi 10k
4/11/13 9:29:43PM

Bubbles: ($300k - $0 Spent = $300k bankroll)

DanClarke: ($300k - $49k spent = $251k bankroll)
(HW) Todd Duffee $5k
(HW) Lavar Johnson $7k
(MW) Francis Carmont $2k
(LW) Ross Pearson $9k
(LW) Danny Castillo $8k
(FW) Charles Oliveira $8k
(BW) Francisco Rivera $10k

JakeWalters: ($300k - $83k spent = $217k bankroll)
(MW) Chris Leben $11k
(WW) BJ Penn $51k
(WW) Siyar Bahadurzada $15k
(LW) Melvin Guillard $3k
(BW) Alex Cacares $3k

jjeans: ($300k - $63k spent = $237k bankroll)
(HW) Pat Barry $6k
(LHW) Vinny Magalhaes $6k
(MW) Jake Shields $12k
(WW) Rick Story $11k
(WW) Erick Silva $15k
(LW) Gleison Tibau $1k
(LW) Myles Jury $1k
(FW) Akira Corassani $1k
(FW) Diego Brandao $10k

PoorFranklin: ($300k - $69k spent = $231 bankroll)
(HW) Matt Mitrione $11k
(LHW) Muhammed Lawal $11k
(MW) Lorenz Larkin $6k
(LW) Matt Wiman $11k
(FW) Dustin Poirier $11k
(BW) TJ Dillashaw $11k
(FLY) Chris Cariaso $8k

Rabi: ($300k - $60k spent = $240k bankroll)
(LHW) Jimi Manuwa $10k
(MW) Rousimar Palhares $10k
(MW) Tom Watson $10k
(WW) Douglas Lima $10k
(BW) Mike Easton $10k
(FLY) Sergio Pettis $10k
4/11/13 9:30:27PM

Jeff Monson
Ben Rothwell
Shawn Jordan
Richard Hale
Ryan Martinez
Mike Russow

Matt Hamill
Ryan Jimmo
Renato Sobral
Trevor Prangley
Brandon Vera
Ilir Latifi
Vladimir Matyushenko

Ronny Markes
Derek Brunson
Doug Marshall
Chris Camozzi

Brian Ebersole
Josh Burkman
Jay Hieron
John Hathaway
Paul Daley

Bobby Green
Mark Bocek
Takanori Gomi
Jamie Varner

Hacran Dias
Mike Brown
Shahbulat Shamhalaev
Robbie Peralta
Bart Palaszewski
Eddie Yagin

Ed West
Hugo Viana
Roland Delorme
Mitch Gagnon
Johnny Eduardo
Ivan Menjivar

Jussier Da Silva
Louis Gaudinot
Yasuhiro Urushitani
Phil Harris
4/12/13 10:49:09AM
We only need to buy fighters and fight slots?
There's no salary on the fighter?

Also I guess you will tell us what weight class is fighting in what slot on the card?
4/12/13 10:57:11AM
There is no wages.

Dont know the second answer
4/12/13 12:08:20PM

Posted by jjeans

We only need to buy fighters and fight slots?
There's no salary on the fighter?

Also I guess you will tell us what weight class is fighting in what slot on the card?

Correct you only pay for obtaining your fighters and getting them fights.

Rather than paying their wages as a promoter, you receive their pay/bonuses as their manager.

Once the rosters are built I will post the first card which will have 10 fights in predetermined weight classes with the available show/win money you can earn.

It will be pretty clear as we get the process going.
4/12/13 1:21:39PM
Im enjoying it so far mate
4/12/13 1:24:28PM
It will only get better as we go
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