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5/2/08 12:36:54PM

Our friend Ariel at MMARated did an audio interview with Travis Lutter shortly after he was cut by the UFC, and if you’re curious about where “The Serial Killer” goes from here you should give it a listen. Lutter still sounds a little dazed by his layoff — and bitter that he was cut while other two-time-losers like Kendall Grove are still in the mix — but there were some interesting revelations. For example:

— After his dismissal, Lutter e-mailed Dana White about the $36,000 that Xyience still owes him. That e-mail has not yet been returned.
— When he said that fans of MMA suck, he was specifically referring to the ones that send him hate mail; according to Travis, the only person who deserves that kind of hate mail is Osama Bin Laden. [ed. note: I know, right? If only we had his address!]
— Since his firing, he’s been called by the IFL and HDNet/Affliction; he’d love to fight Matt Lindland.
— Lutter still doesn’t know why he gassed against Rich Franklin. He also hasn’t watched the fight yet, because he doesn’t feel like it.
— He says “y’know” more than maybe anyone else in the world, ever.

5/2/08 12:42:16PM
Lutter vs. Lindland? Talk about the most boring headliner of all time. I like Lindland and probably wouldn't watch that fight if it cost money.
5/2/08 12:45:26PM
then once lutter losses to lindland, lutter will be like if we fought again i would beat him.
5/2/08 12:57:09PM
All anyone has to do to beat Lutter is make it last more than 1 round. The UFC should pay him what it owes him, but I'm not surprised they cut him. I was never really impressed with his overall fight game. Yeah he's got sick BJJ but that's not always enough against top level fighters. You know, people that actually train and condition for fights.
5/2/08 1:15:49PM
makes sense to have him on the hdnet/affliction card...its in Dallas and he has a gym in the area.
5/2/08 2:23:13PM
Lutter has become a trash talker IMO. Which is strange because Lutter can run his mouth all day but doesn't have the cardio to do anything in the 2nd round.
5/2/08 4:41:48PM
well kendall doesnt say he's a 1 style fighter. like lutter who just wants to get it to the ground.
5/2/08 5:05:47PM
Speaking of Lutter vs Lindland, didn't that fight already happen

If I'm remembering correcty Lindland won by second round guillotine choke.
5/2/08 8:16:11PM
I know why he gassed....... Its called Cardio

Best of luck to Lutter I hope everything goes well.... I hope he goes to Elite XC
5/3/08 4:44:45PM

Posted by IriShame

Lutter vs. Lindland? Talk about the most boring headliner of all time. I like Lindland and probably wouldn't watch that fight if it cost money.

idk.. if lutter got in shape i would.. oh well.. that might be because i can sit through hours of jiu-jitsu and wrestling matches hahahahahaa and somehow not get bored.. its my passion...

i didnt listen to the interview but the description was funny/entertaining and that is enough for me
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