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5/6/08 10:14:39PM
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Travis Lutter thinks Matt Serra should be worried about his job security after UFC 83. In an interview with FightHype, he said:

“I would guess Serra will have a similar fate as me if he loses the Matt Hughes fight…I mean, he was in the same locker room with me, Kalib and I think there were five other fighters that shared a locker room with him that night. Usually, the main event guys and the guy that has the belt get the nice locker room and stuff like that and here he is with one of the most crowded locker rooms. It’s really strange. They wanted GSP to get that title back so bad and he is marketable, but so is Serra. Serra is as funny as they come, but I’m sure there is a rhyme and a reason in their eyes behind doing everything; it’s just unfortunate.”

5/6/08 10:20:16PM
I think he is probibly right, if serra loses his next fight he might have one more chance on an undercard but other than that i think he will be gone by the end of 08
5/6/08 10:39:11PM
I'm really not worried about it either way. I like Serra but there's plenty of other fighters left to keep me entertained.
5/6/08 10:46:22PM
I think Serra brings more to the table than Lutter. Lutter is mainly a jiu-jitsu guy with crappy cardio and no personality whereas Serra has heavy hands, solid ground game, and does a hilarious Matt Hughes impression. Lutter is talking so much lately I said it once before he can run his mouth all day but he can't find the endurance to do anything in the 2nd round.
5/6/08 11:03:28PM
yes those are good points i like the guy too. But Matt Serra's record is 9-5 overall and 6-5 in the UFC if he lose's to Hughes which will probly be his next fight. i can see dana cutting the cord.
5/6/08 11:14:12PM
Serra is safe he can make 155 im sure as well so I don't see it being a big deal until he retires.
5/7/08 12:10:07AM
are you kidding? throw matt serra in the 155ers they would destory him i think.

plus i dont think serra is all that great. i wouldnt care if he got released. serra needs to fight hughes and lose to hughes and then hughes retire and serra and ufc are done.
5/7/08 12:14:09AM
i agree i think any top 5 lightweight in the ufc right now would put him to shame.I think he is the kind of guy who is a good fighter but is probibly a better coach. he should retire and teach jiu jitsu or mma he did great on TUF as coach
5/7/08 12:26:55AM
Let's not forget that this is all coming from a guy who totally blew the shot of a lifetime by not making weight for the only title shot that he'll ever get, had zero personality or appeal on the show that got him there, and sompletely gassed in the second round of a fight the ufc graciously granted him. Considering serra falls under none of those categories, im gonna say that his job security is looking pretty good right now. the ufc needs a strong poster boy for the New York population if they plan on putting on a show there, and who better than the Rocky of MMA himself? No, like it or not, i dont think serra is going anywhere for a while.

How would lutter know what a champion's locker room looks like?!?
5/7/08 1:12:49AM
serra is basically bisping. he'll loose/ win to hughes in new york city, and then he'll drop down a weight class and get another 3-4 fights out of it. going 2-2 or something. then he'll step down.

regardless, the boy held the title for a year. every day he held it his school made just that much more money.
5/7/08 1:22:01AM
I think he'd do great at LW, top ten at least. But he may have more to offer a smaller org that needs his name. There's a lot of good LW's that aren't in UFC so there's still a lot of good matches for him even if he does get cut. Like Lutter said he's also a marketable funny guy, so more of a gain for a small org than a lot of guys with his record.
5/7/08 6:34:48AM
No way serra gets the boot. I mean, it would just be low of dana to cut him when a fight ago he was the ww champ. Tbh, travis lutter cant talk about people being in the same boat as him or whatever becouse at least matt serra makes weight and at least brings a fight.
5/7/08 7:35:49AM
Travis Lutter = A disgrace to the UFC.

I couldnt believe when he stuggled to make weight for the TUF4 finale, Then was in disbelief when he couldnt make weight for his title shot (Disrespect to A.Silva, UFC managment and all UFC fans). He looked better for his fight with Rich, But no still cardio, Thats pathetic, You think he would of been wanting to prove that he can make weight and fight for 3 rounds, I guess not. What a loser.

Matt Serra doesnt have much to worry about, I would like to see him in the 155 mix though.
5/7/08 9:14:02AM
well serra is touted as this great bjj guy but yet he hasnt show it. the same goes for jorge gurgel. I mean matt serra is getting old. and is really small in the height for 170 and also only has like under 15 fighters or something like that.

he should get ground and pounded by hughes and then just coach.
5/7/08 10:47:47AM

Travis Lutter shut up
5/7/08 12:12:11PM

Posted by bustin_mma

I think he is probibly right, if serra loses his next fight he might have one more chance on an undercard but other than that i think he will be gone by the end of 08

if he fought @ 155 or possibly 145, he would have no trouble keeping his job
5/7/08 3:15:49PM
I'm pretty sure all this talking Lutter has been doing lately has him gassed.

Here's an excerp from an unpublished Lutter interview: "I train my cardio every day, whether people know it or not. Every morning I get out of bed and run around the block 5 times!

...Then I push the block back under my bed & take a 3 hour nap before I get up to watch my soap operas."


5/7/08 3:59:53PM
Lutter should be worrying about his own future right now. Get some exercise Travis FFS.

This was Travis after 1 round against Franklin
5/8/08 12:43:37AM
They will probably keep him, I'm sure his fan base is much larger than Lutters and Kalibs combined.
6/1/08 2:07:29PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

Travis Lutter shut up

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