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9/12/08 4:59:47AM
"I would like to be fighting," Lutter told today. "To be honest, I'm a little frustrated that I haven't found a home."

When we spoke to Lutter immediately following his release close to five months ago, he mentioned that he had preliminary talks with the now-defunct IFL and Affliction. Apparently, nothing came of those talks.

"I might have to take a fight on a smaller show just to get my name out there and build up my career again because it's a little frustrating that my career has stalled," Lutter said.

9/12/08 5:48:17AM
Its a little frustrating that your a top level fight, Who struggles to make weight, And gasses alot too.

So much potential, So much waste......
9/12/08 5:50:51AM
In the past Lutter has seemingly completely ignored conditioning and paid for it twice. That being said, he has outstanding jiu-jitsu. Maybe not the "Michael Jordan of Jiu jitsu or the Larry Bird, or Kobe Bryant...errr..shut up Goldberg...but he was very close to finishing off the top 2 MW's (Rich Franklin and Anderson Silva). He has too much talent to not be given a second chance. Someone give him a shot.
9/12/08 6:15:27AM
i think he could act as a gatekeeper if macdonald doesn't mind sharing lol but with his work ethic and the fact that he pisses off the wrong people i don't ever see him being a contender
9/12/08 8:13:22AM
the guy is capable of beating anyone at MW, and as mentioned he has come within seconds of doing so against 2 of the best, but i think the fact that he didnt make weight in the biggest fight of his career left a bad taste in the mouths of the ufc brass and has essentially blackballed him.
9/12/08 9:05:30AM

I hope he goes to the AFL so I can not pay to watch him fight.
9/12/08 10:37:50AM
I ranted about this when he was cut. Dumbest move ever. Yes he has a problem getting his work ethic together, but when its there.... Travis Lutter is a beast. It really is a shame he couldn't see that himself before fighting Franklin or Silva.... a real shame.
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