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9/23/08 10:54:44AM
Apparently being cut from UFC for various reasons isn't the end of your career there-TUF 4 MW winner Travis Lutter, despite being let go by UFC earlier this year, could be coming back again. He appears set to face Joe Doerksen at UFC 91.

9/23/08 11:03:07AM
i heard that too but i do think this is a loser leaves town match
9/23/08 11:17:10AM
Lutter should win based on his superior wrestling and BJJ skills.
9/23/08 11:39:13AM

Posted by prozacnation1978

i heard that too but i do think this is a loser leaves town match

Why bring a guy back to town for a loser leaves town match?
9/23/08 11:39:15AM

Posted by tepid55

Lutter should win based on his superior wrestling and BJJ skills.

Yeah... except he probably won't do cardio lol.... at any rate usually i agree and will most likely pick Lutter to win this one. Doerkson is one of those guys who frequently takes fights from Joe Silva on short notice. So in reply to prozacnation1978's post i think that this might be Lutter's last shot but i think
"El Dirte" might have a more chances in the future to fight for the UFC based solely on his willingness to fight pretty much anyone on pretty much any notice.
9/23/08 11:57:09AM
Lutter just shames himself and the UFC. He really needs to take this more seriously. I think he needs a better camp or something. So join big bear and roll with Dean Lister!
9/23/08 12:40:40PM
I've always thought Lutter was underrated. If he had the cardio to go more than 4 minutes he could be champion material. He was doing better against Anderson than just about anyone else in the UFC has.

Just too bad he doesn't care enough to make weight or improve his cardio.
9/23/08 1:12:30PM
It's always such a big IF with lutter though...........
9/23/08 3:57:55PM
I hate saying this cause it sounds like am about to take defense of someone that can't make weight for a belt fight but Lutter is a tuff SOB. His wrestling and BJJ or better than most MW plsu he did give a The spider trouble during their fight. The fact that he trains himself will always ne his downfall
9/23/08 4:29:25PM
crappy fight in the ufc-both guys are dust esecially doerkson, this fight has nothing to do with interesting.

why does doerkson keep getting to come back???

I swear this better not be on the main card, gimme a break..
9/23/08 5:30:43PM
9/23/08 6:22:56PM
this is defintly an undercard fight...

i have zero interest in doerkson, and i don't really like lutter because he doesn't seem to have the dedication for the sport. his cardio is a joke.

that being said, lutter is super skilled on the ground. he gave anderson a good fight (granted for a brief moment), but it shows how dangerous he can be.

probably a loser leaves fight, but i wouldn't be opposed to both leaving before the fight.

reluctantly... lutter, round 1, sub
9/23/08 7:23:24PM
Lutter has always had bad cardio and I don't see him changing now.
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