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6/7/08 7:11:07PM
found this on youtube, some blonde interviewing cc
6/7/08 7:37:31PM
Yea, Its a hooker, at first he is trying to drive the price down letting her know he will give her a high kick to the head. Later he shows her how he will choke her out if she doesnt drop the price a little.

That about it. Not a big deal. You saw the bed over to the side.
6/8/08 10:06:32PM
dude, that chicks forehead is HUGE!!

"She doesn't have dreams, she has movies"

6/8/08 11:09:22PM

Posted by p_unit23

dude, that chicks forehead is HUGE!!

"She doesn't have dreams, she has movies"

Oh she had a forehead? I did'nt notice. I couldnt see past her puppies
6/8/08 11:16:35PM
Found this deep in the comments section. Not sure how accurate or inaccurate it is

Mirko: That's like a thesis that fighters are like 'raw' ...

Josipa: That's again something silly from me...

Mirko: *interrupts in* you just slip on a to-the-belly mini skirt and and that's it immediately?

Josipa: mumbles a 'no' reply

Mirko: But?

Josipa: That's again something silly from me...

Mirko: Well...that... I believe you. Here's one for you *takes a ball and shoots at the basket and exclaims* "This one's getting in"

Josipa: And could I be your sparring partner?

Mirko:Eh, you can't!


Mirko: If one's under 50 Kg they can't.

Josipa: I have 51...shall we weigh in?

Mirko:*unclear sound* Mirko shouts something like she would say she has 47 if the guys are pleasant, but someone else with a good ear could add a
comment on that

Josipa: Well, shall we weigh in then? ... Do you have a scale?

Mirko:No. Here, step on my foot and I'll determine like that...

Josipa: How...? You can do that?

Mirko: *shows his right foot with a left* Here, you can step here so I can determine what your weight is

Josipa: Let's try... *walks up to him* with one or ...

Mirko: Only with one leg...just so I can have 46 Kg *murmurs something unclear*
*Josipa walks to the bag*

Mirko: don't better don't...listen, you have'll break, you can break your finger...alas, tss, errm...

Josipa: Seriously? *hits the bag*

Josipa's entering the ring between the ropes*
Josipa: enter like this...between ...

Mirko: Yes

Josipa: ...or you sometimes jump over the ropes from above?

Mirko: Well...I always enter bellow

Josipa: Would you change something with you feel sorry for something? (I like the following she said in particular hehehehe) Is your wife nagging because of something??

Mirko: *takes a long pause and thinking* Well, for sure she would want me to be more at home...but what can we do, it's such a job

Josipa: So it's only that...

Mirko: Yes...

Josipa: So it means only that. She only nags that you're not at home very often?

Mirko:'s not just ...women always have something they object too...

Josipa: Ok, give me one more

Mirko: ...women always find something to nag about

Josipa: One more that's the most frequent...

Mirko: Well let's say I am doing the vacuum cleaning 3 times a week so she gets to do it 4 times a week...and dish washing too...

Josipa: Sooo you want to say that you are doing the vacuum cleaning at home??

Mirko: Yes...on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I'm doing the cleaning and on Tuesdays...

Josipa: *shakes her head in disbelief* I am utterly surprised...Mirko, how are you showing love?
*Mirko smiles with a funny shy smile*
In which way?

Mirko: Huh all the difficult needs high-altitude preparations for this

Josipa: No, they aren't...these are extremely simple questions

Mirko: How am I showing my love?

Josipa: Yes

Mirko: Some exaggerated tenderness or love... I am not showing...I don't know in which way to express it. I'm not one of those sentimental guys that will buy flowers forever...and so on.

Josipa: And are you jealous?

MIrko: Like every man.

Josipa: How much?

Mirko: Within the reasonable frames

Josipa: And your wife, Klaudija?

Mirko: Well, she's also jealous...maybe a little more than the reasonable frames
6/12/08 10:48:15PM
cool thanks, better than nothing.

is there anyone on the forum that speaks croatian?
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