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4/3/13 3:08:36PM
What's going on everyone?

I was wondering if you guys had any good transitions I could practice doing? For instance, going from an armbar to triangle to omaplatta, etc... I'm still fairly new so I'm looking for transitions to practice to help better my rolling. Again any and all advice would be appreciated!
4/4/13 2:47:50AM
pass to side control, then to knee on belly, then to mount, back to knee on belly, side control, north/south, etc. moving from position to position is very important. before i ever used any king of submission transition ( arm lock to triangle, etc) i learned how to transition to all the top positions. just think "position over submission" right now. once you get those down the submissions will start to fall into place. also, practice your bad positions. for instance, have somebody start on your back, then mount, then side control. work to escape and get back to guard. this will improve your submission defense as well. good luck