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9/10/08 1:13:36PM
With world-class training facilities and coaches available to him on either side of the Atlantic, Bisping likes the idea of varying his training, though ultimately he feels there’s no place like home.

“[In some ways], I have no preference,” he said. “When I’m in the States, it’s nice. I do this full-time, so a change is as good as a break. Obviously, the weather’s nice there, and the change keeps you fresh. I do enjoy the experience of working out in different gyms.

“Thinking about it though, you can’t beat training at your own gym with your own teammates and coaches who know how you work,” Bisping added. “Tiki’s great; he coaches stars, but you look forward to getting back to the Wolfslair to start properly focusing on the fight.”

Back in the UK, Bisping paints a vivid picture of what promises to be a brutal training camp leading up to his clash with Leben.

9/10/08 6:10:23PM
Bisping vs leben is a great opportunity for bisping to finally get some UFC fan respect with a win over leben. With rashad ko'ing liddell at the weekend, mma fans should take a bit of note that bisping and ortiz took rashad to the scorecards to loose, i know they weren't great memorable bouts, but still rahsad just ko'd arguably the best LHW in UFC history. Surely that leads back to some props for bisping and ortiz to take rashad to the final bell in their bouts. Bisping is a work horse, he will improve so much. He wants to be successful for all the uk mma fans.
9/10/08 10:31:41PM
An overconfident Bisping is going to get knocked out, he better bring 100% to the table with a good strategy of grinding out a decision or submission, because if he stands with Leben too long its only a matter of time before he gets caught like Sinosic did ......yeah elvis knocked him down and almost finished him.....

Bisping hasnt fought a striker the caliber of Leben, most of his fights have been against so/so strikers, this is his biggest test which at this point I see him losing badly according to his demeaner and attitude.
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