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10/27/07 1:11:57PM
I injured my rib in training last night. I landed funny after getting taken down (double leg takedown). My rib was making a popping sound. My physical therapist checked it as she works there and said it's a "rib out". It will go back in when relaxed, be fine in a few days, just needs rest. I don't like rest! I like to train. Has anyone had this injury? Does it really only take a few days or longer. I don't know if she told me that because she could tell i was pissed, or what. When can I at least hit the weight room?
10/27/07 2:33:01PM
TUF-Roman is that you?
10/27/07 2:54:39PM
Not Roman.. Mike
10/27/07 5:57:36PM
I know, I was just referring the the latest season of TUF.... didn't work out .

Anyway, so you didn't fracture anything? I've trained with small fractures on several ribs without knowing it before. But it wasn't anything severe and I probably wouldn't do it again if I knew that it was fractured.
I found it out when I did a blood test for a completely different illness. The doctor said that for any athlete, trained or untrained person to wrestle, grapple and box when having fractures was just plain stupid and could jeopardize an entire career.

I'm not a doctor so i can't tell you exactly what's wrong with you but do what the doc says. If he's a legitimate and experienced doctor he should know more about YOUR body than you do.
10/27/07 7:54:46PM
Oh yeah, I forgot about that guy. Yeah, really hoping it is not a small fracture. This sport is fun as hell, but injuries come at you like crazy. I'm still getting over a bad shoulder injury and I thought it was difficult training with it. This rib injury is ridiculous though. I can't blow my nose at all, that is crazy pain. It hurts to breathe heavy.. I tried to jog and made it 5 feet. Oh well, that's just the way it goes... bad luck is a bitch.
10/28/07 12:58:34AM
Even if you wanted to man, if it's anything more than a VERY minor bruise it will take close to if not everything you have to train through it. Ribs injurieis are very painful, and even if they aren't serious you should take it easy and give yourself plenty of rehab time. The last thing you want to do is get back into the gym too early and aggravate it again, or worse, seriously injure yourself.
10/28/07 1:23:37PM
I always think that a couple of days or weeks off to heal up propery and then coming back to training reinvigorated is a lot better than just straining through a few weeks, not healing properly and not learning that much either since you arent training everything properly.
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