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7/21/09 12:08:50AM
does anyone know first hand of a good gym to train at in pittsburgh? It dosnt have to be just mma most any martial art is fine, im on my way to move that way and am curious of any personal experience. I have researched most of them but would like feedback from anyone who has trained there. I kinda expect this thread to be burried before I get an answer but i'll give it a shot anyway.
7/21/09 8:11:09AM
I train at Slyx MMA in Greensburg. We compete in MMA Kickboxing and Sub Grappling events all over western PA WV and OHIO. We are located right of 22 at the intercetion of 819
7/27/09 7:59:46AM
there's a couple good places in the pittsburgh area. The best prob being pittsburgh fight club ( they do mma along with boxing and sub. wrestling. Another being a place called mad-dog gym ( Cgs in greensburgh is another good one (mainly bjj and submission wrestling). Also out in blairsville ( is lion-do gym. They just had some of their guys turn pro mma over this past weekend. always hear good stuff bout them.
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