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9/14/09 2:19:59PM
Hi I am new on here and a huge mma fan. Ive been looking to start training hopefully in january and right now just trying to get in better hsape with at home stuff. This is usually what I do at home 30 min on the elliptical on the setting where it changes the resitance from 2 up to 8 and back down every 2 minutes. I also do 30 minutes on a heavy bag and a bunch of push ups and sit ups. What do you guys think? I was also thinking of getting that rand couture thing the tower 200? any suggestions.
9/14/09 5:55:31PM
STOP HITTING THE HEAVY BAG NOW!!!!!!! It seems to me that guys that come into the gym I go to that say they hit the Heavy bag all the time are the hardest to teach proper punching tec. I suppose they have a muscle memory that is hard to break. If you go into the Training fourm this question has been asked 100 times (If not more) so all the info you will ever need is their.
9/14/09 9:57:21PM
I would suggest searching out the other threads that this kind of thing has been discussed in. I know there is one on the front page of the training forum.

Besides- 30 minutes on a heavy bag even though you've never trained before?
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