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11/14/07 1:28:37AM
I was wondering what everyone else does weekly for training.

Mondays - Boxing, BJJ.
Tuesday - BJJ
Wednesday - Kickboxing, MMA
Thursday - BJJ

Then after training I go to my other gym to work out.

Mondays - Run for 10-15min, Back and Biceps
Tuesdays - Run for 10-15min, Chest and Triceps
Wednesdays - Run for 10-15min Stomach and Legs
Thursdays - Cardio

Friday I do a 30min full body workout the gym has setup and take saturdays off usually, and sundays we have Open mat but I don't usually go because I don't have a training partner to go with.

Am I pushing myself to hard im not trying to build up alot of muscle right now, im more focused on dropping weight, monday i weighed in at 243 at the end of the night and tonight around 240. Im eating normal 3 times a day, and downing a muscle milk before bed at night. my goal is to get back down to 200 before i got fat and lazy i was wrestling at 215 but weighing in at 189-195 so i know i can get back to it. I was wondering if anyone had any pointers or advice on if im going at this all wrong or whatnot.
11/14/07 2:29:53PM
Mon - Chest/Tri, Gi BJJ
Tues- Legs, Gi BJJ
Wed- Back/bi, No-Gi BJJ
Thurs- Shoulder, Gi BJJ
Fri- No-Gi BJJ
11/15/07 9:19:23AM
That sounds like a great workout schedule. If anything, you're being too agressive and I wonder if you'll have enough time to recover and push yourself in some of the classes. It's actually very similar to what I used to do but I ended up scaling back on the weightlifting part because I felt that I was too low on energy and was doing a half-assed job on my workouts. But if you're energy level is still high you should be getting into fighting shape with that routine. If you wanted to mix anything else in, I'd suggest taking a yoga class 1-2 times a week...but I'm not sure where you'd fit it in.
11/15/07 9:40:07AM
I don't push myself on the weightlifting, im not worried about building strength im doing it for conditioning, I have a lot of weight i need to drop before i even think about putting on more muscle, (im at 240-238 down from 260 when i started training in june of this year) I want to get down to around 205 and try to fight (after having enough training where i feel comfertable stepping into the ring) at middleweight. I was thinking about the yoga classes, there really isn't a place nearby that has classes you can attend without being a member of the gym. the last thing i need is another gym membership haha.
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