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5/1/07 2:51:23AM
Who has the best camp in the UFC right now. Last year at this time it was all about MFS, They had 2 titles (Hughes and Timmy) plus Rich Franklin was always traing with them. Lets not forget Jermy Horn who is regarded as one of the best tactitians in MMA.Now that there are no titles and no Horn, Is MFS the best camp?

Or does that distinction belong to anthor Camp like Team Quest, Jackson Submission Fighting, American Top Team, Brazilian Top Team, Chute Boxe, Team Punishment, Red Devil, or Hammer House.

I just love the Jackson's Submission Fighting camp to me it has some of the best talent. Plus I think the in the next 2 years there will be at least 3 champs come out of that camp. The gameplanning and cardio there is top notch beware of this camp its will be better than MFS was in its prime.
5/1/07 3:41:54AM
Its really interesting to see what camps rise and fall over time. Hel, it wasn't too many years ago that Lion's Den was talked about as the greatest camp ever, and they've had very few fighters, if any, break out of the B-level ranks in the last few years.

I'd agree that Jackson is doing well, although MFS is still turning out good fighters, as is Team Quest. It'll be cool to see what teams spring up over the next few years and turn out champions, or at least top tier fighters.

Something odd about Jackson though. Although he turns out good fighters, I'd have to say that hes not a very good corner man. Some guys, while being great coaches, are not such good corner men. I'm not sure if it has to do with thinking on your feet or what, but just an observation.
5/1/07 11:06:16AM
I've always really liked BTT... Both Nogs, Arona, Busta, Sperry, etc... They always seem to put out real tough, real good fighters...

AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) was looking pretty good as well, with Kos, Fitch, Swick, and I think Vera was there for a while, but has gone off on his own now... I was listening to their boxing coach on the Beatdown and it sounds like they hit it really hard all day long, every day...
5/1/07 1:07:32PM
i dont kno if its the best but chute box defineatly has to be up there
5/1/07 1:21:06PM
Team Quest I'd have to say. Henderson, Lindland, Couture, Soko, Leben, etc. Though Chute Boxe and BTT are up there as well.
5/1/07 1:40:11PM
punishment is good, good cardio and work ethic. tito, kendall, dean lister, joe stevenson, rampage trains there.all good fighters
5/1/07 1:44:37PM
i think chute box is the best, not only cuz of results but they seem the most consistent over time. i would agree though that team quest is making a rise to the top now.
5/1/07 5:55:17PM

Posted by Gladiator

i think chute box is the best, not only cuz of results but they seem the most consistent over time. i would agree though that team quest is making a rise to the top now.

I personally love Chutebox fighters, and I think that Wandy epitomized their style for many years, and his style is probably still a big influence in their training... But I have to start and wonder if they aren't getting a little "figured out"... The ultra-aggresive style, while being the easiest to like, seems to fall right into a great counter-strikers strengths... Kind of like a Wandy / CC (not the best example) or like Cyborg's last figth in Cage Rage (can't remember the opponent)... Just a thought...

I think they do have one of, if not, the best 205er out there in Rua, and I am excited to see the Villasenior / Ninja fight... Wandy is also in my top 3 favorite fighters of all time... So please don't take this as an anti-chutebox remark
5/1/07 6:03:06PM
5/1/07 7:12:44PM
Team Quest is tearing it up right now. Randy comes out of retirement to beat Sylvia, Hendo beats Wandi for his second belt, Lindland throws down with a much bigger Fedor and Sodkoujou shocks the MMA world twice. I don't see Couture of Hendo keeping their recently acquired belts, but you have to admit they've been on an impressive streak lately.

It goes in waves. Soon MFS will have the belt back and then Chute Boxe, Henderson will lose one of his belts, Sodkoujou will eventually lose - it's a year of upsets, but I'm betting Brazilian Top Team has the most belts by the end of the year...
5/1/07 7:57:51PM
i'd pick cesar gracie camp and team quest for 2007.
5/1/07 9:07:38PM
pitfighting is the best....chuck liddell....gan mcgee(he isnt the best but had "big" potential).........john hacklemen = legend
Fanboy 1988
5/1/07 9:11:26PM
It's a close call between Team Quest or Chute Box, right now I'd have to say Team Quest has a slight edge over them. Seeing as Henderson has a belt in two different weight classes, Randy's a heavy weight champ..
5/3/07 5:52:23AM
what it really comes down to is who has the gold and right now its team quest, but there really is a huge ebb and flow with the camps being dominant, chute box, ATT&BTT, AKA, jackson and MFS are all really good and could take multiple belts within a year or so.
5/3/07 3:26:34PM
A few months ago, I would have said Greg Jacksons camp was hands down the best camp. Diego was undefeated and dominating every fight. Rashad is undefeated and dominating every fight. Jardine has put together a small winning streak and is coming off a huge ko win over a top contender in Forrest. GSP is the number 1 WW in the world, was the UFC WW champion, and was at least in the top 5 p4p in the world. However, with the recent losses from Diego and GSP, they have shown a little vulnerability. Those losses don't take to much away from there credibility, but they do show that these guys are not invincible.

With that said, i'd have to say that Team Quest and Greg Jacksons camp are pretty even at the top. No doubt, GSP and Diego are gonna have much better showings than their recent losses and are still top ranked in the world in the WW division. Rashad is still unbeaten and has a match coming up with Tito that will tell alot about both fighters. He's no doubt, a top contender for the LHW championship. Jardine, imo, has looked pretty impressive from his debut in the UFC and pretty much got screwed out of a win in his fight with Bonnar. Jacksons camp is young and full of talent and potential.

On the other hand Team Quest, most of the notable guys from there, aren't so young but are still full of talent and potential. Henderson and Couture have solidified themselves as legends in mma and are currently on top of their game with Henderson being the pride WW and MW champion, and Couture being the UFC HW champ. Lindland is ranked number 1 in the world in the MW division and has a lot of skills. Then they also got the young guys with a lot of potential, more so in Sokoudjou, but they also have Burkman, Leban, and Herman. Not to shabby if you ask me.

Jackson and Quest.
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