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7/7/09 10:32:52AM
World Extreme Cagefighting fighters Leonard Garcia and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone are offering an amazing opportunity for up-and-coming fighters. From Cowboy's MySpace:

Leonard and I just moved in to a new house in Albuquerque, New Mexico right near the gym. We did this to be able to offer our house as a fighters house to pros and amateurs looking to take their fight games to the next level. We already worked out a deal with Greg to have you live with us at our house, and also train at Jackson's. We will only be offering this to a few people each month. The total cost for the month, which includes a month of training at Jacksons, and a month of living at our house is $500.00.

7/7/09 11:37:05AM
Good deal, I wish I was in a position to take them up on such an awesome offer.
7/7/09 11:39:23AM
$500 is cheap as hell.

If I were a fighter, I'd be all over this.
7/7/09 1:17:02PM
hmmm might use my grad money and bday money to do this lol
7/7/09 2:24:39PM
daaaaaaaaaaaaah, why couldnt this happen AFTER my last year of college.
7/7/09 4:13:04PM
That's pretty awesome. Killer deal.
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