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7/12/08 2:50:09AM
Where do you train?
How long have you been training for?
What belt are you?
I have been trainig off and on for about 3 1/2 years.
I train at a place me and my friends call the Thunderdome.
(A friends garage)My BJJ coach is an 18 year Gracie student.
My Judo coach is 54 years old and has been active in judo since he was 16.
I dont have a belt cause I train in a garage.
Recently I started training at Calson Gracie in Anaheim Ca.
7/12/08 3:03:24AM
this should be in mma training seciton

Boxing for almost 4 years and YET to make an amateur debut. i might one day tho
And did Sambo but it was only self defense sambo since i couldnt find a competition Sambo academy anywhere in Georgia. But i only did it for like 3 months before i ran out of funds so oh well.
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