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10/1/08 2:43:43AM
It's going to be released in October at the 1st Sports Film Festival according to one of the comments

10/2/08 2:02:47PM
Not one comment? I''m surprised no one is excited about this. Even Gracie haters gotta love Renzo.

Miletich is right about Renzo not picking opponents or special rules. Even back in the day when they could demand just about anything. He's also seem to be more open to evolving that the rest.
10/2/08 6:31:00PM
Renzo is a class act.
I mean just watch his fight with Saku.His arm was totaly out of place and he never even winced out in pain once!

Then even though he lost to Newton,he didn't except the split decesion ruling.You just don't see many guys like Renzo.
10/2/08 8:59:19PM
just watched the trailer..cant wait to see it
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