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POLL: Gonna see this?
FUCK YEA! 46% (6)
Of Course 8% (1)
No 8% (1)
Mustard Tiger 38% (5)
9/24/09 7:30:30PM
It comes out on Friday!!!! This is the biggest movie event of my life, except for maybe jackass 2 when it came out. We had to get some older people to say we were with them.

But it's amazing, any fans of the show?
9/24/09 7:54:53PM
I plan to be completely ******* wasted when I watch the movie.

I don't want to remember at any moment during the movie that it will be the last time the boys are on the screen.
9/24/09 9:18:30PM
F************CK YEEEEAAAAH!!!!!!
9/26/09 3:59:27PM
GIANT TPB fan right here.
9/27/09 11:19:34PM
Ive seen it twice already haha once with a friend and once with the girlfriend. Needless to say I was high as **** both times and loved every minute.
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