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6/7/08 8:00:33PM
What is your favourite trailer park boys season? your least favourtie.

Personally i dont have a favourite season, but my least favourite is 7, becuase they didnt keep it in the park, Thomas Collins annoying. and there is too much Jacob. Phil is funny shit but he was invovled too much, the gayest thing of all was randys he sayings like "Lochness monster balls" and "Mixed Vegatable cocks"

what do you guys think?
6/8/08 5:02:02PM
ive only seen a couple but they are hilaroius
6/8/08 9:54:34PM
I'm in the process of watching every season and they're all wonderful.
6/12/08 8:18:48PM
I haven't seen the 7th season...
But it's one of my favourite shows... Bubbles wrestling gimmick "The Green Bastard"... Has got to be one of the funniest things in the history of television... Seriously...
6/13/08 6:15:35AM
In england all the seasons are jumbled up and they don't show it as much as they used to . But i do love the eppisode where Bubbles has a pet tiger or whatever animal it was
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