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1/17/08 11:49:01PM

Whats up guys. My names Kev ive been a member for a while. Me and my friends are MMA fans but we also like to have a good time. This is the trailer for a video I made some footage is pretty old but it has boxing, skateboarding, beer drinking, stunts, and shenanigans n I worked hard on it.
1/18/08 12:15:11AM
Great vid man, props to you! Reminds me of when I was young, only we didn't all have video cameras back then. Got to love the Youtube generation, I can just see the expressions on your kids faces 10 years from now when you show them this Living la vida loca baby!
1/18/08 2:24:38AM
couldnt of asked for a better background song. loving the straight haymaker battle at the end!
1/18/08 7:01:16AM
Good video....
Don't know any of you guys but it was still fun to watch... Looks like a fun crew you hang out with....
1/18/08 6:00:30PM
Props to you !
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