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1/28/11 10:54:07AM
It hasn't been an easy path back for Belfort since his sister was abducted & murdered in 2004, but he's made it back with a little help from a higher power. "We have words for if you’ve lost your husband, you’re a widow; if you’ve lost your parent, you’re an orphan; but if you lost your child, they don’t have a name for that. That’s so painful that they don’t have a name for that. I think there is two ways to get to God, through love or through pain. Mine was through pain. I can see now that through that tribulation, I’m a new man. I’m a strong man. I’ve matured. I’m not perfect. I still struggle with many things, but it’s a process. I’m in the middle of the process and every day I try and prove myself so I can fight through that process, which never ends."

1/28/11 10:59:57AM
How can you not want to cheer for this guy? I remember his fight with Randy (the one where he cut Randy's eye) and ended up winning by doctor stoppage, he came out wearing a missing T-Shirt with his sisters face printed on it, it gave me goosebumps.

I'll be cheering hard for Vitor, and would love to see him win this fight.
1/28/11 11:26:22AM
"I don't go there to survive. I go there to hunt..."
-Georges St. Pierre
1/28/11 2:25:45PM

Lets see which Vitor shows up to fight.
1/29/11 9:45:23PM
The perseverence will pay off for Vitor

Anderson's run will come to an end.
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