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5/5/08 2:13:20PM
Doing this myself for reference in light of the TUF 1 article, enjoy if you'd like.


Joe Stevenson: 23-6 prior, 5-2 since (all UFC).
Joe came in as one of the most experienced fighters and an early favorite to win the show. Many of the fighters trash talked and were arrogant, but Joe worked hard and defeated Marcus Davis and Jason Von Flue before beating Luke Cummo via decision in the finale. After the impressive run of TUF Stevenson was arguably put up against the toughest fighter (besides TUF 4 winners) any winner has faced. After dropping a decision against Josh Neer, Stevenson dropped to 155 and went 4-0 and earned a title shot. He was defeated by BJ Penn, but showed a lot of heart and is still a young up and comer at 155.

Marcus Davis: 3-2 prior, 11-1 since (6-1 UFC).
Davis was outspoken and not shown much during this season of TUF. This former boxer was the oldest welterweight competing and it seemed like a make or break deal for him. He even stated that he was ready to give up fighting after his loss to Joe Stevenson. What is even more surprising is that he lost via tko (cut) to the smack-talking Melvin Guillard in the finale. Davis showed his will and determination after the finale taking 5 months of to make another comeback. He went 5-0 in a six month span and was invited back to the UFC for an undercard bout at the Ortiz-Shamrock 3 event. Since then Davis has gone 6-0 in the UFC and is a top contender at 170.

Josh Burkman: 4-2 prior, 5-3 since (all UFC).
Burkman came into the house as the strongest wrestler of the bunch with a lot to learn. He quickly called out standout Melvin Guillard in the first episode which resulted in a very exciting fight. Burkman pulled out the victory and was instantly on the radar. However, Burkman broke his arm in the bout and was forced off the show. He defeated Sammy Morgan in the finale in devastating fashion and has fought top UFC competition ever since.

Luke Cummo: 3-2 prior, 3-3 since (all UFC).
Ever season has a guy who no one knows much about and ends up surprising everyone. Cummo could strike with anyone on the show and also had superb submission defense. He upset Anthony Torres and Sammy Morgan on his way to the six-figure contract. Joe Stevenson stood in his way and Cummo ultimately lost a hard fought battle via decision. Since then he has shown flashes of greatness, but has never improved his main weakness: takedown defense. Any strong wrestler who can hold an opponent down has an instant advantage over Cummo. Goulet and Fioravanti used this technique and won decisions over Luke. His next fight will likely dtermine whether or not he will remain with the UFC.

Jorge Gurgel: 9-1 prior, 3-2 since (all UFC).
Gurgel is a bjj black belt who was one of the early favorites before severely injuring his knee. He felt like he was one of the favorites to win the show but was defeated by Jason Von Flue via a lackluster unanimous decision. Prior to the competition Gurgel had 9 wins all via submission and one loss via submission as well. However, since the show all five of his UFC fights have gone to decisions. None of them have been particularly interesting or exciting bouts, but he still remains with the UFC.

Melvin Guillard: 17-4-2 prior, 4-3 since (3-3 UFC).
Melvin's bark ended up being much louder than his bite. There is no question he was the most explosive and had the most dangerous striking. However, Josh Burkman called him out in the first episode and sent Guillard packing early. Guillard has had a shaky time in the UFC ever since while testing positive for cocaine and having two embarrassing losses to Rich Clementi and Joe Stevenson. Guillard recently took a fight outside of the UFC and won a close decision over Eric Regan and will have a make or break fight against Dennis Siver at UFC 86.

Sammy Morgan: 16-6 prior, 3-4 since (0-2 UFC).
Being another one of the more experienced fighters who seemed to think they had an advantage in every area, Morgan was in for a big letdown. During episode 10 he put on a very entertaining fight against Luke Cummo, but lose via KO in the second round. After losing to Burkman in the Finale he won 2 fights via submission and was invited back into the UFC only to lose another unimpressive bout. Morgan's game seems to have regressed and is now used as a sacrificial lamb for EliteXC/Strikeforce.

Jason Von Flue: 10-4-1 prior, 2-6 since (1-2 UFC).
Jason Von Flue was not an original cast member, but came into the house as an immediate underdog when Burkman injured his arm. He took out Gurgel in a decision and got mangled in the process. After being referred to as "Frankenstein" he went on to lose to Joe Stevenson in an extreme mismatch. Von Flue won his first fight in the UFC via submission but was soon after dominated by Luke Cummo and Joe Riggs. Strikeforce/EliteXC saw the same potention in Von Flue in which they saw in Sammy Morgan. He has now lost four in a row to some notable stars. TUF has given him enough notoriety to be a popular name in which good fighters can beat down for "credibility".

Anthony Torres: 3-0 prior, 2-2 since (1-1 UFC).
The Crush was another self-proclaimed up and comer who ultimately fell short. He was on the wrong end of a beating against Luke Cummo and was not invited back to the UFC until late 2006. After his first win he was not asked back until 13 months later only to lose in the first round to Jess Liaudin. He then tested positive for steroids and was cut from his UFC contract.

Kenny Stevens: 6-3 prior, 1-4 since (0-0 UFC).
In the first episode the weakest cast member was called out to fight first. This was Kenny Stevens who was normally a middleweight brawler-type fighter. He seemed like a deer in headlights and could not make the weight. He was 0-4 in 2006 and did not fight again until early 2008 which also resulted in a loss.
5/5/08 2:48:31PM
I have been watching Davis- he looks like he could continue to win some matches- He needs to show me som ground game but I like him- fun to watch.
5/5/08 3:18:08PM

Posted by Cdellorso

I have been watching Davis- he looks like he could continue to win some matches- He needs to show me som ground game but I like him- fun to watch.

What are you talking about?! He has shown that he has a formidable ground game, as he submitted Paul Taylor, Pete Spratt, and Forrest Petz. I know those aren't the biggest names, but it is still impressive imo.
5/5/08 6:33:14PM
I'll say this until I die, Luke Cummo beat Jonathan Goulet.
5/5/08 6:41:24PM

Posted by F--K_Luck_AuH2O

I'll say this until I die, Luke Cummo beat Jonathan Goulet.

I agree, Goulet did nothing. Shit happens, though. It's really time he works on his strength and takedown defense. I may sound like a jerk/critic, but I only say it because he's one of my favorites and I really don't want him to leave the UFC. The way they're cutting people lately worries me.
5/5/08 8:06:59PM
WAR Davis!!!!!!

oh and btw he has been working extremely hard on his ground game with Gurgel and others over at Team Irish. and as wolfman mentioned he has displayed his submission skills, most notably the armbar over Taylor which shows that he is able to still do submissions in survival mode (good sign of grappling becoming second nature). hopefully he only gets better and can pull off the win over Swick. this man has so much potential even at age 34.
5/5/08 8:50:10PM

He still has a crap load of potential. All he needs to do is not throw so wild so it's not so easy to take him down and straight punches are more effective anyway. He has the power to KO anybody in the division, he just needs to calm down and not be so reckless. He's training with Ricco with his submissions and Ricco is a world class grappler which is extremely good news!! KEEPING THE FAITH FOREVER!!!
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