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8/11/12 3:53:38PM
As the UFC has come to Denver the last 5 years I've learn something that I want to share to my PG fam.

It seem to be easy to win UFC tix if you just try. I mean I wasn't going to try to win the radio show contest but when I entered I knew I win with everyone's backing from here. yesterday I cam within 2 people of getting a pair from Dana whites tweetin for tix and just got another pair from Gilbert Melendez when I just went to a meet and greet. Last year I ended up with like 6 extra tix.

Remember guys just TRY and it'll be free!!!!!!
8/11/12 4:02:15PM
Yeah, it seems like radio shows always have giveaways if you call in, or register to win.
8/11/12 4:15:17PM
The UFC isn't in my town, and sadly probably never will be! Although I suppose it could happen, we have an assload of casinos out here... However I have thought of hitting up some of the Vegas cards just on the chance I could score some free tickets I know they often comp hundreds to multiple thousands of tickets, depending on sales.
8/11/12 4:40:13PM
I envy you guys. I am out here in east bumblefuck in South Carolina, the closest they come is Atlanta, which is about 300 miles from where I am, and that is not very often. Smaller independent cards do run every so often in Florence though, I have been to a few of them. When I went to the last one, imagine my suprise when I see Jens Pulver strolling around !! He was there to promote an upcoming event, his obligation was done, but he was sticking around to watch the fights. We talked for about 20 minutes, he was a very cool guy. What amazed me was that of all the so called hardcore fans there, very few people recognized him. This was the only time I have met a bigger name fighter in person, I am proud to say Jens is a great ambassador for the sport.
8/11/12 4:44:04PM
i miss out on the free tix from pure laziness. they are coming to Seattle soon so this time i might try to score some. my wallet holds me back as well.
8/11/12 5:31:44PM
New a big no
8/11/12 6:38:32PM
I've entered into like 5 different contests for UFC 152 and I dont expect to win. Having a card in Toronto is a little different than in Denver though
8/11/12 7:01:29PM
I kinda prefer sporting events on the TV.
8/12/12 1:33:47AM
Seems like they have been papering alot of the shows lately. I've been hearing about tickets being givin away at meet and greats more and more.
8/12/12 7:16:53AM
Yeah Ufc gives tickets away more and more cause they can't fill the arena with Shit cards anymore. No one going that much anymore not even Vegas

Used to be 300 to 500 fight club members per event. Now you can't even get 200 max

Ufc 151 had a whopping 75 fight club members going in Sept Vegas. Used to be at least 300 plus per Vegas event.

Time is changing now
8/12/12 9:56:14AM

Posted by One_Hit_Quit

Seems like they have been papering alot of the shows lately. I've been hearing about tickets being givin away at meet and greats more and more.

I know this isn't the UFC but at the Strikeforce show I went to here in Portland, over half the tickets were given away
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