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10/28/09 6:25:50AM
It looks like Cristiane Santos must now wait longer to find out who she will first defend her Strikeforce Women's Championship against. A planned determination fight between Erin Toughill and Marloes Coenen on November 7 is now off-Toughill had to pull out due to an undisclosed medical condition.


UPDATE: Coenen is back on the card and has a fight. The replacement is Roxanne Modafferi.

10/28/09 9:17:21AM
They could at least find Coenen an opponent.
10/28/09 10:09:03AM
Might be too late. Event's only 10 days away and they'd have to go through that whole approval process-remember, it's not just the Illinois Boxing Commission, but Showtime too.
10/28/09 10:14:09AM
Bummer. I was looking forward to that one.
10/28/09 8:12:26PM
Junkie posted their own article on this about an hour ago, and it seems it might not necessarily be health-related. Stop me if you've heard this before: Weight cutting issues is a possible reason for the pulling out.
10/29/09 10:43:47AM
Update: Coenen is still on and now has a fight. The replacement for Toughill is Roxanne Modafferi.
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