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7/26/09 3:17:25PM
I can think of a few that would be good fights, just checkin what the playgrounders think, I would say Lyoto would be his biggest challenge which isnt happening lol.

I dont see too many that would walk through him tho or even beat him decisively besides Lyoto,

Anyone got any ideas?????????
7/26/09 3:20:15PM
yeah Lyoto seems like he would be everyones toughest at 205..due to the fact no one can figure him out yet.

I would say besides him, since at this point it would be a 3 round fight....someone with a good chin that could hold him down and avoid some subs.

Henderson maybe?
or possibly Mousasi as he is really well rounded..and a tough kid
7/26/09 3:34:17PM
Randy Couture would be a tough matchup for Silva at 205...I think Randy would be a tough fight for any 205er right now
7/26/09 3:54:50PM
Lyoto would never fight him tho because they are good friends and train togeather, i think shogun and anderson would be a great fight
7/26/09 4:14:02PM
Personally I think that any of the top tier 205ers would give him a tough time if not beat him. The only fight he's had at LHW in the UFC is Irvin and he's had mixed results himself. The fight against Forrest is going to be the test of how he'll do against bigger opponents.
7/26/09 4:29:40PM
Lyoto obviously but they are good friends and probably would never fight eachother...i think Rampage would give him a very good fight if not beating Silva
7/26/09 7:32:37PM
he needs to face a BIG 205'er with a good chin and good wrestling

= Rampage
= Forrest
7/26/09 7:39:32PM
Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Not Machida, yeah I said it!

Andersons too a good a striker for machida elusiveness I believe. Hes so deadly, he'll find a way to knock him out. He reminds me a lot of Bernard Hopkins the boxer. He's patient which is definitely a key attribute you need against him, gets your timing down and just picks you apart from there. Im sure with his patience and great intelligence with getting your timing down, he can find a way to hit machida and all he needs is one solid shot I believe.

But with Rampage, his striking defense is just too damn good I believe. I mean its gonna be hard for him to be accurate him Rampage feinting and covering brilliantly. Its extremely hard to him flush on the chin. The old Rampage was tailer made for muay thai strikers since he was just a brawler with great slams, but the new Rampage has brilliant boxing and isnt overly aggressive which is perfect for Mauy Thai guys. He's an aggressive counter puncher. He'll keep coming forward, take and defend your best shots and comeback/drop you with his. His chin is just too good too, I think hes too tough to just go down early. Andersons gonna have to beat the hell out of him for half the fight and hope it takes a toll so he can finish him late. And I just cant see Anderson throwing a lot of shots without getting caught with a big one from Rampage. Rampage is like Hendo but with great overall boxing so it will be harder to catch him and Rampage will be able to hold his own on the feet, I think he'll knock him out and I think once Rampage is too smart to let the muay clinch beat him anymore not to mention its a lot harder to put that on Rampage anymore. I think he proved against Wandy the last time hes a whole new monster against that style. Aggressive or defensive muay thai guys, I think Rampage is ready for them.
7/26/09 8:24:42PM
i would say maybe randy but more likely rampage
7/26/09 10:01:25PM
I think if silva can rock hendo he can rampage I really think he is gonna make a run at the 205 title and who knows maybe end his career with a fight vs fedor
7/26/09 10:39:47PM
Machida could beat Silva....I think with Rashad's speed he could have a chance as well. I have seen Rampage beaten with kicks and knees to many times to say he would be a tougher match-up...
7/27/09 12:24:52AM
7/27/09 1:46:13AM
7/27/09 2:01:38AM
7/27/09 2:36:50AM
Id say Rampage. Hed have a good chance of just imposing himself on Anderson and taking a UD. Or even finishing him with GnP. Same goes for Couture.
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