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6/4/08 9:21:25AM
I wasnt sure where to put this topic, so i put it here. if it is in the wrong pace im sorry!
I was just reading black belt magazine and i read the article on the no touch knockout.... I personally do not think this is possible. it doesnt make sense to me that this practice would work on any person off the street. I think if you believe it will work and you want it to work on you then it will. i hope that makes sense to you people lol. my question is, have any of you seen this in person or experienced it in person. if so, how does it work? I find this topic very interesting but still have doubts about if it really works. thanks
6/4/08 10:42:12AM
Oh, it's for's proof!


6/4/08 10:50:19AM
6/4/08 11:17:02AM
so it is true!!
6/4/08 12:12:39PM
I am definitely not a believer of a no touch knowout... it's an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp.
6/4/08 5:32:42PM

Posted by The_Italian_Stallion

I am definitely not a believer of a no touch knowout... it's an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp.

i never understood why jumbo shrimp was an oxymoron. shrimp is the name of a type of fish, and the class classified as the bigger type is called jumbo. maybe everyone thinks of shrimp as a noun, but if you think about it in the animal kingdom , it makes perfect sense. it's the same as miniature schnauzer, or miniature pincher, or giant poodle.
6/4/08 6:00:22PM
This is what happens when you think you have special power and fight a person who actually knows how to fight. Kiai Master vs MMA
6/4/08 6:03:51PM
For a knockout to happen You have to get hit
6/4/08 7:10:57PM

Posted by grappler0000

Oh, it's for's proof!


6/4/08 11:44:51PM
i guess someone could lay a wicked bad fart to get a no touch knockout.
6/5/08 12:04:44AM
The Kiai master had a no touch knockout.
6/5/08 8:57:34AM
This is a legit news story on a guy who legitimately claims to have the ability to do these types of techniques. He's one of Goerge Dillmans's students:

The reality seems to be that this can work if someone is pre-disposed to the techniques but that otherwise it does not.

I saw a supposed medical study on George Dillman's techniques several years ago (pressure points, so some contact) and I know some people who went to his seminars. The collapsing that he can cause does seem legitimate but I imagine that, similar to that video, it would be ineffective with a confident fighter full of adrenaline.
6/5/08 1:34:04PM
Haha @ 3.33 is that Stephan Bonnar???

It looks like Chi to me. but i was never a firm beliver in Chi.
6/5/08 1:49:25PM

Posted by Guru

Haha @ 3.33 is that Stephan Bonnar???

6/5/08 2:19:02PM

Posted by grappler0000

Oh, it's for's proof!



I started watching a few more of those mess up vids after that and theres a sick one of benoit diving over the ropes and he just crashes his spine into the wall separating the fans from the ring. Looked painful.
6/5/08 7:26:32PM
So called energy attacks do work but the problem is they are not easy to employ and against other trianed fighters they have a tendency to lose thier effectiveness as a trained fighter has a tendency to have higher internal levels of energy then the average peroson.. So I say against a joe off the street it could be effective.. against a well trained fighter expect to get yourself knocked out...
6/5/08 8:35:09PM
lol that last video about the touchless KO, omg lol. that guy actually believes he can do a touchless KO.

funny story tho, my brother was visiting China, and he was at some gathering (dont remember exactly what it was) but he met a older chinese man, who said he practiced Martial Arts.

He showed my brother by grabbing him by the wrist, and rubbing his hand along my brothers forearm. he said that the man put no real pressure on the arm, but when he stopped rubbing, there was a very defined bruise along his arm.

EDIT: dont believe in no touch KO, but i do believe in CHI, and energy. not like dragonballz where u can make energy balls, but that u can transfer it to another, for good or bad.
6/13/08 7:07:21AM
If you want to knock someome out then punch em in the face, don't do any of this fancy sh*t.
6/13/08 12:03:07PM
6/13/08 12:58:36PM
In all seriousness, the no touch knockout is possible. All the ki and chi stuff aside, some people will flat out faint in situation where they are really scared. The blood just rushes out of their head for a second and they will pass out.
6/13/08 3:50:00PM
Look at you neophytes. I rarely pimp my main website but if you want to see the full blown no touch KO investigation bullshit that goes on do a search function over here.

We've been talking about this for years.

I actually had some fool come in and ask me if I knew how to do the one touch KO. I'm like "sure, I just make contact with this point right here (pointing at his jaw) and if I hit it just right you will be KO'd. Would you like me demonstrate?"
6/13/08 4:33:59PM
i dont need the no touch KO. i have the five point palm exploding heart technique!
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