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12/6/08 3:03:32AM
"I think Brian (Bowles earned) this fight a while ago. I think he's a very good opponent for me," said Torres without missing a beat. "He loves to stand up; I love to stand up. His jiu-jitsu is very good. His wrestling is very good. I think he's a very dangerous opponent. I'd love to fight Brian.

"Like I've said before, I'm in the WEC to fight the best fighters in the world. I know he doesn't have a huge record, but from what I've seen of him, he's a very, very honorable opponent."

12/6/08 4:01:53AM
The more I hear from Torres the more I like him. It will be a very good fight and I would rather not pick that one, just watch the fight with no bias. But that is just being a pussy.

12/6/08 10:04:28AM
I think this has all the makings of fight of the decade. I gotta pick my boy Brian though. I've trained with him and know him pretty well. He's every bit the monster torres is. I can't wait!
12/6/08 11:39:26AM
Torres sounds to me to be a very honorable champ it's good to see someone with that much skill and that much respect for other fighters. The kind of guy you really want to see fight in the sport for a long time and I think we will.
12/6/08 12:00:54PM
Torres turns into such a different animal in the cage. It is awesome watching him fight. Bowles is the exact same way. This will be one of those fights that is like watching two "animals" going at it. Even though that term gets thrown around a whole hell of a lot.

12/6/08 12:21:18PM
Yeah, they will be like two "animals" in an "animal" like state, fighting like "animals" in a cage very "animal" like with a lot of "animal" instinct.

Wow, this will be an aw3esome fight. I think Torres has the advantage in the striking, but on the ground I think their skills will cancel each other out. But I think Bowles has the better wrestling and can take Torres down. If it stays on the ground I think Bowles could take a UD, But I think Torres will take it one way or another.

12/6/08 3:42:04PM
torres is a cool dude, and so is brian. i really hope that this fight happens, it will probably be one of the sickest fights ever!!!!!

and in all honesty, i dont think i'd be able to choose a winner
12/31/08 9:38:24PM
I like Bowles, not only is he a poor man's Mark Wahlberg but he is an amazing fighter as well.
I think it would be an absolutely amazing fight but I see Torres coming out on top.
1/1/09 10:36:14PM
Unfortunatly it's not Bowles "time" to beat Miguel Torres.
1/2/09 9:30:50AM

I can't wait to see this fight.
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