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1/3/10 2:02:42PM
Does anyone use torrents to download?I have been using a site for a while now and all of a sudden i canit get on to the site all my downloads have stopped for no reason.Just wondering if anyone uses this site or might no if its down for some reason.Any help wud be good thanks and if anyone else no's any other good torrent site's for MMA it wud be great if you cud share them with me.
1/3/10 2:25:23PM
can someone PM me a site to use also?

1/3/10 2:33:49PM
Am not sure if a shud of said the name off the torrent site please someone tell me if i have done wrong and al edit my post.
1/3/10 2:40:45PM
I edited my post so if anyone wants to no the torrent site am talking about PM me.Also the the sentence below is what comes up when i try to access the site any help wud do me thanks.

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