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9/30/08 9:48:20PM
The leafs did jack shit this off season and got rid of key players and didnt really pick anyone up. with descions like that we are going to be wating a long time till they hit the cup, or even a playoff spot.
10/1/08 9:19:15AM
The team is in re-build mode this season. I just wish they would re-build their management, of who are only interested in making money not winning cups.

I think the decision to dump McCabe and Tucker were good ones. They were just not playing at the level of their salaries.

Sundin is still unknown at the moment, but if he does play it will not be until probably January.

Honestly, I don't think the team will do as bad as people think. I predict a 7th-10th place finish in the conference.
10/1/08 11:14:14AM
Im a die hard Leafs fan and i think this season will be tough to watch. They are rebuilding but i think it will be 3-5 years before they are a true contender. unless management screws it all up again
10/1/08 9:39:42PM
Tank and go for John Tavares at 1st overall. He'll turn any team into division champs in a matter of about 2 years. I'm hoping the Rangers will do the same thing, but their exhibition games against two phenominal European teams and their winning of the Victoria Cup have me believing we could do real good this year.
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