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10/27/07 10:13:04PM
What do you think of Tony Jaa? Have you seen his Movies? Ong Bak and The Protector. What do you think of his stunts? IMO He has some insane moves.
10/27/07 10:52:15PM
Tony Jaa is the leading candidate for the new generation of martial artists. He's the most promising though. There are some young Asian actors out there, but none compare to Jaa. Both Ong Bak, and The Protector were like his resumes because they showed off his talent. I'm glad he's making a second Ong Bak, but you know how long it takes to get movies from Asia over here.. Unless you import it, it'll be a while. Worth the wait though.. If your planning on a martial arts marathon of any kind, Ong Bak and The Protector should be included. The fight scene with all 100 of those guys in The Protector was amazing.
10/27/07 10:54:50PM
A link to a Tony Jaa Montage.
10/27/07 11:25:19PM
I haven't ever seen any of the live footage that is in there.. All the scenes from the movies I had though. That's amazing. He's even like that out on the streets. It makes you wonder how he'd do in MMA. Knowing him, if he was in the UFC, he'd be bouncing off the cage, and getting the highest flying knee ever recorded in the octagon.

I'm definitely putting that video up on my myspace.
10/28/07 3:09:06AM
Yeh Tony Jaa is the man. Ive seen Ong Bak and The protector and i was amazed by some of the stuff he does. I really like when he jumped through the barb wire ring thing during the street chase that was sweet. Hes working on a new movie called Dynamite Warrior. Im not sure how this one will turn out, it looks abit too far out too beleive. Im not sure if my friend is right but he said Jaa rides on a firework lol.
10/28/07 3:39:57AM
He could just be sitting on a donkey, but as long as it looks cool, i'm totally fine. Tony riding a firework would be awesome to see.
10/28/07 9:05:44AM
Tony Jaa is the boy, kinda sucks for the Americans how they cut "Tom Yum Goong" (actually a name of a kind of soup, and a restaurant in the film) down by 25 minutes, even cutting the fight scenes so they could get it an R rating in America and called it "The Protector". For us lucky Brits, they just gave it an English name ("Warrior King") and didnt cut it, mint!

Jaa's technique is awesome, and his gymnastic ability is pretty much unmatched. Unlike some guys in martial arts movies though, he doesn't sacrifice proper technique for the sake of being flashy, obviously he uses restraint so as not to hurt his fellow actors, but he can obviously hit very hard. Definitely the greatest out of the Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee etc bunch. His skill is far beyond anything we've ever seen from them.
10/28/07 9:27:06AM
Jet Li, and Jackie Chan, maybe..

No one will ever know how powerful Bruce Lee could've become. He'll always be the top dog in my books, but then it's Jaa. I mean, without Bruce, Martial Arts wouldn't have caught on as much as it has. His death changed the Martial Arts world. Who knows. If he were still alive today, the world might be a different place Martial Arts speaking..
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